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Your Overall Health Detected Through Your Eyes

Feb 26th 2015 at 2:22 AM

Many say that eyes are the window to the soul, which could be true, but they are also a great indicator about how your overall health is. The amount of information your eyes can reveal to a physician is astounding. The eye is the only place in the body where veins and arteries can be seen without performing a surgical procedure. Symptoms from a lot of scary health concerns show up in the eye, which is why optometrists are regularly among the first to recognize a health problem.

A prime example of something more serious is when you have red spots in the white of your eye. This can be a sign of diabetes. When blood sugar levels rise too high it affects the health of your blood vessels. Eventually with too much sugar, blood vessels become blocked and burst, even in the retina. Diabetes needs to be treated immediately because if left alone it could lead to blindness.

High cholesterol can also be shown through the condition of your eyes. Those that have higher cholesterol levels tend to develop white rings, a deposit of fat, around their eyes that eventually form and cause yellow bumps to occur in the eyelids. High cholesterol may not sound like a big deal, but it easily puts you at risk for further complications such as heart disease, stroke and retinal vein occlusion. If too much cholesterol builds up, the amount of blood flow to your eye decreases, which in turn reduces the connection the optic nerve and brain have. Eventually a blood clot forms and results in sudden, painless blindness.

Eye doctors are also looking out for signs of cardiovascular or liver disease. Doctors will look at the blood vessels in your eye to determine if any of them are abnormally shaped or discolored. Blood vessels that have these signs indicate cardiovascular disease like high blood pressure. Another symptom they look for is if the whites of your eyes are turning yellowish. This typically signifies that there are problems with the liver or gallbladder. The yellowing comes from a build up of bilirubin, which is the remainder of what the liver can’t process because of disease.

Besides wanting to see well, there are many more reasons to have an annual eye exam. Let your eye doctor help you keep your health on the right track.

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Author Bio:-

Jessica is an experienced eye care specialist. You can find her thoughts at vision care blog.

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