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Your baby is a challenge?

Aug 20th 2014 at 11:55 PM

Babies often send the first indication that they will be more active than most already in the womb. Suspicions are confirmed soon after birth, when the blankets are kicked tracks, sessions

diapering and dressing become real battles, and the baby always ends up on the opposite side of the crib after a nap.

Assets Babies are a constant challenge (they sleep less than most, grow restless during feeding, may become extremely frustrated until they are able to move independently, and are always at risk of getting hurt), but they can also be a joy.

Although you do not want to overwhelm the adventurous nature and the excitement of the baby, you will want to take special precautions for protection as well as learn ways to calm him to eat and sleep. The following tips should help:

use a blanket to sleep with the baby in cold weather and something lighter for warm weather; Limit or avoid bandaging the baby. Be especially careful to never let an active baby on a bed, changing table or other high place,

even for a second, they usually discover how to turn too early and sometimes when you least expect it. A restrictive brace changer is useful, but should not rely on it if you are more than a step away. Adjust the crib mattress to the lowest level as soon as the active baby starts to sit alone, even for a few seconds

. The next step may be to climb and jump to the crib. Keep all objects that baby can use to climb out of the crib and playpen. Do not leave an active baby in a child safety seat, except on the ground, they are generally able to overthrow the seat. And of course, the baby should always be tied.

Irregular baby
In about six to twelve weeks, just when other babies seem to create a schedule and become more predictable, these babies seem to become more erratic

. They not only make their own schedules, but also are not interested in anything you have to offer.

Rather than to be led by the baby and allow chaos to take account of their home life or take the reins and impose a very rigid schedule which contradicts the nature of the child, try to find a middle ground. Because both, you must place at least

some order in their lives, but try as much as possible to build a program around the natural tendencies shown by your baby. You may have to keep a diary to discover all the indications of a recurring period of time in the days of his son as feeling hungry around 11 o'clock every morning or getting chatinho after 19 hours every night.

Try to react with all the unpredictability predictability
This means try as much as possible, doing things the same hours and in the same ways every day. Suckle in the same chair, when possible,

give the baths at the same time every day, always calm using the same method (rocking or singing or whatever works best).

Try to schedule feedings approximately the same time every day, even if your baby does not seem to be hungry, and try to keep the schedule even if he gets hungry between meals, offering a small snack if necessary. Facilitates rather than forcing your baby to a more structured day. And do not expect a perfect regularity, just a little less chaos.

Evenings with an irregular baby can be torture, especially because the baby does not usually differentiate them days. You can try the tips for dealing with the problems of differentiation of the night and day, but it is very possible that not work for your baby, you may not want to stay up all night, at least initially. To survive,

Mom and Dad may have to switch the night shift or share split shifts until things improve, what will eventually happen if you are persistent and stay quiet.
The baby with little or adaptability initial retraction

These babies consistently reject what is not familiar to them, as new objects, people and foods. Some resent changes of any kind, even the family change as going from the house to the car. If this reminds you of your baby, try setting a daily schedule with few surprises.

Feedings, baths and naps should occur at the same times and in the same places, with the fewest possible escapes from the routine. Introduce new toys and people very gradually.
Baby high intensity

You probably noticed already at the very beginning, that their baby cried louder than any other child in the hospital nursery. The loud crying and the screaming, the kind that can exhaust even the most cold-blooded person, continued when you went home.

You can not turn off the switch and lower the volume of your baby, of course, but decrease the volume of noise and activity in the environment can help to lower the tone a little bit of your child. Also, you will want to take some purely practical measures to not let the noise disturb the family and neighbors.

The negative baby or 'unhappy'

Instead of smiling and cooing, some babies just seem grumpy all the time. This is not a reflection of parental rearing (unless, of course, they have been negligent), but can have a profound impact on them. They often find it difficult to love their unhappy babies, and sometimes may even reject them. If nothing seems to satisfy your baby,

then do what you can to give you love and affection anyway, with the certainty of one day, when your baby learn other forms of expression, crying and decrease general unhappiness, although he may always the 'serious' be kind.

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