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You know how to relieve the symptoms of menopause?

Jul 6th 2014 at 8:26 PM

Menopause is a stage of life that will come to all women, but, fortunately, provides time so you can prepare for it. Generally, between 45 and 55 years of age, the fertility cycle of the female end, ending with menses. Even before that, the body will suffer with hormonal changes, there came the need to relieve the symptoms of menopause .

The symptoms of menopause are different and in proportions that vary from individual to individual. Some women will not need to relieve the symptoms of menopause with more stiffness, as with the help of medicines. While others may have to take hormonal level to meet the change and alleviate menopausal symptoms .
A great tip for alleviating menopausal symptoms is to have a balanced diet. First, it is important to focus on the body is changing and your routine will have to get used to these changes too.
Nothing to do much heavy meal or eat too much at one time.

The greater the excess of food , the more difficult it will be for the body to digest. Burning fat at this stage of life is slower and this can harm the body.

Eat small meals throughout the day and if you can include flaxseed in your diet , the better! This small grain almost tasteless helps the body preserve the omega 3 and lignans, both used in the treatment of hormone replacement.

Since you will put flaxseed in the diet to relieve symptoms of menopause , enjoy and put amaranth seeds too! They help control cholesterol in the body.

Another way to alleviate the symptoms of menopause is to increase the consumption of food antioxidant , milk and water. Although the idea to put food on the menu, find a place to soy!
Understand the symptoms

The symptoms of menopause are usually known "hot flushes" (sudden waves of heat that take the body), sleep problems , night sweats (as they are called hot flashes that happen while the person sleeps) and even depression caused by hormonal change and how it affects and destabilizes the female emotional.

We will focus on heat waves: This symptom is characteristic of menopause and reaches virtually all women. It is a feeling of warmth that reaches the upper chest and face, starting suddenly and without symptoms.

The doctors can not explain what makes these waves begin.
This "crisis" lasts a few minutes with the heat spreading through the body. Many women perspire a lot during them, feel chills, palpitations or anxiety .

All these secondary symptoms are normal.
Heat waves may happen several times during the day or evening and also perdurarem for a few years after the last menstrual cycle of women.

When the waves during sleep, they are called night sweats. They can make women end up sweating through their clothes, making her wake.

As the crisis can not happen just once a night, a person can end up waking up several times. The ordeal of a period of sleep quality leads to other symptoms also known as fatigue, difficulty concentrating , moodiness and irritability.

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