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You know how to deal with sleepwalking?

Jul 6th 2014 at 7:32 PM

Often the butt of jokes and surrounded by myths, sleepwalking is a type of sleep disorder in which the brain awakens in an unbalanced way. Also called parasomnia, a disease whose main characteristic is the change of behavior during sleep .

Who is affected by sleepwalking can wake up in the middle of the night away from the bed, scared and not knowing how - and why - we got to there. This condition can result in behaviors that pose risks to physical integrity . So it is crucial to know how to deal with sleepwalking .
how to deal with sleepwalking

Sleepwalker can be agreed, provided that this is done very smoothly. Photo: Shutterstock
The disease also affects adults, but is more frequent in children: 17% of young people under 13 face challenges about how to deal with sleepwalking .

In the pediatric population, the phenomenon can be considered normal and is closely related to brain maturation of the child. Furthermore, about 65% of cases there is a genetic predisposition.
Among adults, sleepwalking can be triggered by a combination of factors, including situations of stress , consumption of alcohol or drugs and the presence of diseases such as sleep apnea , which modify the sleep patterns of the same form that occurs with the ingestion of certain drugs.
Learn how to deal with sleepwalking

Although this is an important disorder, it does not imply major concerns about how to deal with sleepwalking . Firstly, one must respect the condition and take the phenomenon seriously. Treat it as a joke can result in unnecessary risks.

For parents who have children in these conditions and wish to learn how to deal with sleepwalking , it is important to know that they play a key role in caring for the child. You must ensure that the sleep environment has little light and is not subject to external noises. Should also avoid activities with potential to shake his son, as prolonged use of television, computer, mobile and video game.
If you see the child "wandering" around the house during the night, there may be questions about how to deal with sleepwalking . In these cases, doctors indicate that wake the sleepwalker is not contraindicated, since it is directed to his bed or awake fairly quiet, noting that there are risks of your child shows a picture of momentary confusion .
Facing sleepwalking

. 1 Create a safe environment : lock doors and windows before going to bed and remove the path objects that can cause trips and falls. Beds bunk type should be avoided for children. It is also recommended blocking access to stairs. Also remember to hide sharp objects such as scissors and knives.
2 Eliminate stress. : episodes of anxiety and insomnia may aggravate the condition of sleepwalking. So, face the disease with a more relaxing nightly routine. Before bed, opt for quiet activities such as meditation, reading or even taking a hot bath and invigorating.
3 Discipline your sleep. : try sleeping properly every night. Try to create a routine, setting a time to sleep and to wake up, trying to get a regular sleep pattern. Table of sleepwalking can be motivated by fatigue and sleep deprivation.
. 4 Find a doctor : frequent episodes increase the risk of excessive daytime sleepiness or some injury. A specialist may prescribe sedatives or antidepressants, reducing the occurrence of the phenomenon. The doctor will also investigate the causes of sleepwalking.

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