You cannot forget the past but you can learn to live with it

Oct 29th 2015 at 9:09 PM

Forgetting the past is not easy. So at best, what you can do is to make peace with what may have happened in your past. Only when you make peace will you be able to embrace the future with an open heart and with enthusiasm. To achieve this freedom, you need to learn a few characteristics about the past. First, the past only happens in your mind, and this actually happens in the present. So in a sense, the past really doesn’t exist unless you allow it to exist in the present. Anything you think you are experiencing about your past, you are actually experiencing now. With understanding, you can anchor yourself in the moment and learn that you have all the power to control what you are experiencing in your thoughts right this instant. Next time you feel angry and hurt about the past, try to notice your surroundings more. Take a walk in the park, notice the trees, the birds and flowers. In fact, start drawing all these things around you and soon, you will find that these thoughts are replaced with an intense awareness of being happy today.

Secondly, you need to realize that on their own, memories are quite harmless. They only become toxic once you start reacting to them emotionally. They also endure once you give them the power of recall. The only way out of this problem is to lose interest in anything that may have happened in the past. It really doesn’t matter if someone wronged you badly and they owe you an apology. The fact is, you are still alive and their apology will not make that much of a difference. So the best thing is to treat memories with an air of disinterest and move on. If you don’t know how to reach into your deep emotional recesses to release pent-up aggression, you can visit a professional for past life regression in Melbourne for assistance.

Thirdly, you only defeat your past once you let go of thoughts and feelings. This, essentially, is what is known as healing. Take the story from your past, dilute it so much until it has no meaning and no hold on your life. As you embark on healing, you have to remember that the aim is not to make yourself forget about the past. Forgetting is near impossible, unless you get a concussion. You become a stronger person when you learn to move on in spite of what may have happened to you. Another thing you need to realize is that waiting around for an apology is a waste of time. This is because your enemy probably doesn’t look at your pain the same way you do. Also, quite frankly, people generally lack the humility to acknowledge when they are wrong, therefore they will never make amends. Healing is possible for even the direst cases of troubled pasts. All you need is a session of reiki in Melbourne and you will stop wallowing in your emotional trauma.

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