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Yoga Postures For the Hands

Sep 4th 2014 at 2:22 AM

Mudras are available to anyone, can be made ​​as appropriate and necessary, walking, meeting, while resting .. Best is practiced wisely so that you sit in a comfortable position, with legs flush with the floor, gently rhythmic and deeply inhaling and exhaling with short pauses between inhalation and exhalation.
The wise hand positions

Exercise wise at least three minutes daily will bring you health, prosperity, balance, success and happiness. Mudras are yoga movements in which we use only the arms and hands. Mudra in Sanskrit means a special, strictly defined position of the fingers and hands, is one of the ancient Indian system of medicine.

Performing various postures hand, not only in India but across the world - used by the ancient Egyptians,

Romans, Greeks, Persians, Chinese, Africans, Turks, American Indians and many other nations in religion, and everyday communication. In India, the hand positions are called wise and are integral part of yoga.

They are very simple but have great power that can amend life, release the energy locked up in your body - in ida and chakras - and directing, to achieve their goals and be worn with everyday problems.

en the position of the fingers and hands. It is one of the system

Our palm represents the five basic elements of creation:

1st Thumb, brain, represents the element of heaven: Thumb symbolizes God. Is associated with Mars and indicates the strength of will, logic, love, ego. Angle at which it is in a relaxed position with respect to the rest of the hand indicates

The character. An angle of 90 degrees indicates a generous person who has a good heart and is ready to give. An angle of 60 degrees, logical and rational character, and the angle of 30 degrees indicates a sensitive and suspicious person.

A person with a long and strong thumb of a strong character, strength of will and the ability to alter their own fate.

Second index finger element of air, lungs: forefinger managed Jupiter represents knowledge, wisdom, a sense of power and confidence in yourself.
3rd Middle finger element of fire, authorities digestive tract: Middle finger is influenced by Saturn and there is patience and emotional control. This finger has a countervailing influence in my life.
4th Ring finger (ring) the element of water, the kidneys: Ring finger is sent to the influence of the Sun and indicates vitality, energy and health. Refers to a sense of connectedness with family and feelings related to the heart.
5th little finger represents the element earth, heart, little finger is Mercury's representative to government communications, creation, evaluation beauty and achieving inner peace.

Balance body and health can substantially alter the various combinations of finger. If our body is overheated,

or if you have a fever, combine wisely made ​​up his thumb and little finger, and if for example. Have trouble breathing combine wisely contact your thumb and forefinger, thus improving air element in the body.

Mudras can be used daily but more than 45 minutes in 24 hours. Can be made ​​5, 10 or 15 minutes,

several times a day as needed. I can work during the day, various wise, but again, make sure that the entire work with Wise 45 minutes a day, depending on the stage of an illness that you want to heal or how much time you have.

The duration of treatment depends on the disease state. Wise was working from the moment of recognition of symptoms to final cure. In more serious cases, the period of operation extends from weeks to a month.

Effects wise associated with many making, but primarily operate in the energy flow in our body. It is known that a man has the energy channels, and each disease affects the characteristics associated with obtaining and

Leasing the energy in our body. These are complex processes, but anyone can remember and use the basic "parts" for the redistribution of energy flows in the body that allow us wise.

If you want to operate as efficiently as wise, try to concentrate deeply, avoid noisy, and you can work sitting or lying down. You can close your eyes for better concentration.

The best program is the application of so-called wise. GOLDEN TRI wisely, which means that the "package" we do daily three wise.

First, we work wise that will help to get rid of something, then we do wise to bring about change, healing, puts something in motion

And issue a decision. third wise helps you to find and reach new, find a solution for the kind of event that you want to happen in the future (choose wisely according to their needs and desires).

First Apan Mudra, the savior of life
Indications: problems with headaches, heart disease. The index finger is bent to the root of the thumb, the thumb touches the middle and ring finger. The little finger is corrected.

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