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Yeast Infection Breast Pain In Women, Causes And Methods Of Treatment

Mar 10th 2014 at 10:19 PM

HealthBreast when the woman is a member, which produces milk at birth to nurse newborn and beside his job physiological plays a woman's breasts a key role in highlighting the femininity of the aesthetics and sexual, so we see the woman keen on the health and beauty of her nipples because of its impact on health and beauty, so we offer today causes inflammation of the woman's breasts, as we show for ways to treat breast pain in women.

Woman's breasts: breast of women is a block hemispherical shape exist under the skin of the chest wall of the front, stick to breast woman muscled chest covering this wall and the most important of the pectoral muscle big responsible for moving the farmers, and extends woman's breasts from the third side to side the sixth.

Breast pain in women: The mastitis source most prominent pain breast, and is caused by an infection or inflammation, and undergone usually in one breast, and pain General breasts especially be during the week preceding the menstrual cycle, as opposed to that of per-menstrual syndrome.

May affect breast pain many women from time to time, there are many reasons for feeling the pain of the breast we will post them to you as follows: the causes of breast pain in women: - changes due to the influence of female hormones in the second half of the menstrual cycle , and this pain affects more women do not carry them any seriousness, the most important reason for feeling the pain of the breasts (becoming more and more before the coming of menstruation and less thereafter), too menstrual disorders may increase the pain of a woman's breasts.

During puberty happens many changes in a woman's breasts, including: increasing the size of the breast, and the emergence of some cereals around the nipple , as well as minor pain in the breast, and this is all normal - pregnancy and it is because the influence of hormones and increasing the size of the mammary gland associated with pregnancy - exercise and aerobic exercises may be the cause of breast pain, may result in pain bag and there his pain, fever and redness, it is a reference to the presence of infection.

Though the injury infections are uncommon, but they sometimes occur when nursing. Treatment of breast pain in women:

1 - Wear bra for breasts (pectoral) be comfortable and sturdy.

2 - Eat a dwelling place for the motherland.

3 - Eased of your consumption of salt before the session monthly.

4 - Avoid caffeine (tea and coffee). Need to visit a doctor if the pain remained unchanged may require the state to take an antibiotic likely.
A doctor examined the breast, especially if coupled with the mass of pain or change in the breast tissue.

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