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Wolff Tanning Beds Offer Many Health Benefits besides a Great Tan!

Oct 8th 2012 at 12:07 AM

Individuals who enjoy a golden glow regardless of the season most likely enjoy tanning at salons and would likely prefer tanning in the privacy of their homes instead. Luckily there are Wolff Tanning beds available for purchase that can be used in homes and include extended warranties to ensure customer satisfaction. Additionally, if individuals purchase these tanning beds from certain manufacturers, they can save up to $600. Over the long run, individuals can actually save money on tanning by purchasing a home bed instead of a costly membership at a local tanning salon.

Maintaining a tan takes work and many tanners can be in the salon every day of the week, which can become increasingly expensive. Today many salons also require contracts with a minimum number of visits to receive a discounted price.  This just isn’t reasonable for every individual, especially those that with irregular, or busy, schedules. Additionally, there is a 10% tanning tax added to most visits at a salon.  A home tanning bed does not include such a tax, resulting in increased savings for home use. 

Home tanning beds also have the potential to quickly cure any winter blues occurring during the cold and gray months of the year. The best tanning beds provide Vitamin D, which increases users’ moods while creating a beautiful bronze glow. Doctors and scientists recommend that tanning in moderation can elevate moods and provide daily recommended doses of Vitamin D, which is essential to beat the winter blahs.

Tanning beds also provide comfort and privacy, which isn’t always available at a salon. If individuals feel uncomfortable with their bodies or do not feel safe inside of tanning beds, then they will thoroughly enjoy their tanning experience more while using it at home. These tanning beds are also more hygienic, because only people these individuals choose will use the bed, rather than the countless people at salons.

Wolff commercial tanning beds are also available for salons to purchase at discounted rates. Wolff commercial tanning beds include high output lamps for the arms, legs, and face. They are available in extra long sizes and come with a 3-year, power train, extended warranty when purchased at Great Tanning Beds.

Regardless of whether an individual is looking for a home bed or a salon is searching for its next tanning bed, tanning has never been easier or more effective. Visit www.greattanningbeds.com for more information. Financing is available. Begin experiencing the many benefits of tanning with one of these superior models.

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Terry Piper is a reputed skin specialist and a certified natural health consultant. He has spent over 14 years focusing on skin related issues. In this article she has discussed about tanning beds which body produces just the right amount of vitamin D. She also advocates commercial tanning beds for healthy, even tanned skin.

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