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Why You Should Put the Cigarette Down and Start Vaping Today

Dec 21st 2015 at 10:10 AM

It’s not easy to quit smoking cold turkey. According to the American Cancer Society, only about 4% to 7% of people are able to quit smoking without medicines.

A great amount of smokers try to quit and fail —- sometimes attempting several different methods of quitting to no avail. Patches, gum, you name it. Smokers are trying every product that markets itself as a solution to quit, and yet, difficulties remain.

However, many who have tried quitting with patches and nicotine gum are finding a solution in vaping.

Over the last few years, vaping, vape pens, and e-cigarettes have become immensely popular. So popular, that Oxford Dictionary actually named “vape” the word of the year in 2014. Many smokers are putting down their cigarettes (potentially for good) in exchange for this healthier alternative, so here we’ll talk about why, if you’ve ever considered quitting, you should pick up a vape pen today.

It’s a Simple Alternative

“Vaping” is similar to smoking, but instead of inhaling the smoke filled with cancer-causing toxins to get your hit of nicotine, you inhale vapor through an electronic cigarette (e-cigarette) or vaporizer. A vaporizer is essentially a battery-powered device that converts liquid nicotine into a vapor. You’re not actually “smoking,” because there is no “smoke” involved.

Those who have traded in their traditional cigarettes for e-cigarettes have reported overall better health, easier breathing, and better sleeping as a result.

Unlike smoking cigarettes, vaping doesn’t leave behind a smoky, pungent smell that stains the air (and your clothes). Vaping avoids the “second hand smoke” effect, since it only involves fine vapor that immediately disperses into thin air when exhaled.

Because vaporizers don’t contain all the dangerous carcinogenic chemicals found in cigarettes, they’re considered a safer, cleaner alternative to smoking. With this thought in mind, vape users are finding solace in the use of this alternative.

It Can Make it Easier to Quit

Although research is continually being conducted on the benefits of vaping, there have been recent studies that helped show how vaping is linked to the cessation of smoking cigarettes.

A randomized control trial in 2014 among smokers who identified as “not interested” in quitting found that 34% of those who used e-cigarettes for eight weeks had ended up quitting smoking, compared to 0% of those who did not use e-cigarettes during the study. There were also considerable reductions in smoking found in the e-cigarette group.

Other research has found vaping to be 60% more effective than alternative nicotine replacement therapies such as nicotine patches or gum in getting smokers to quit.

There’s a Lower Risk of Smoking-Related Disease

Scientists, doctors, and tobacco companies have all noted a correlation between cigarette smoke and cancer. Smoking is associated with respiratory and cardiovascular disease, since cigarette smoke contains toxic chemicals like cyanide, formaldehyde, methanol, and ammonia, along with tar, carbon monoxide and nitrogen oxide.

A review recently published by Public Health England found that electronic cigarettes are 95 percent less harmful than conventional cigarettes. This is mainly due to the fact that most of the chemicals that cause smoking-related diseases are not found in the electronic version.

... And a Lower Level of Harmful Chemicals

The greatest health risk, by far, from the use of tobacco is the smoke, and e-cigarettes are battery operated and do not have smoke, just vapor. Tobacco smoke typically affects the function of the heart and arteries When vaping, as opposed to smoking, second-hand smoke does not pose a public health risk.

Tests show that the levels of chemicals that e-cigarettes give off are much lower than what you’d get from a real cigarette. In fact, when using vape pens, you actually have the choice between nicotine or non-nicotine juice blends. Additionally, if you fill your vape pen with a nicotine blend, you can actually control the level of nicotine to where you want it, unlike a normal cigarette. There’s no tar in e-cigarettes, whereas smoking anything with fire will produce a thick byproduct of tar. If you were to blow cigarette smoke out on a napkin, it would turn yellow instantly, but with vapor, it will remain white. Less harm to your lungs, less harm to your whole body.

You Can Control Your Level of Nicotine

Nicotine travels through the e-liquid, (also known as e-juice) which comes in an array of flavors. When the user inhales the vapor, he or she also inhales the odorless nicotine. However, some e-cigarettes don’t have nicotine, so essentially, you are inhaling odorless, tasteless, flavorless vapor.

As a smoker, think of all the chemicals you’re putting into your body, the amount of money you’re spending, and the harm of secondhand smoke you are placing on others. Vaping, on the other hand, can feel like smoking without the adverse health effects, the secondhand smoke, and the added expenses.

Scientists, Doctors, and the FDA Agree

Mitch Zeller, director of the Food and Drug Administration’s Center for Tobacco Products said, “If we could get all of those people [who smoke] to completely switch all of their cigarettes to noncombustible cigarettes, it would be good for public health.”

So, put down the nicotine gum, throw away your patch, and give vaping a try.

It’s incredibly hard to quit an addiction. That goes without saying at this point. But, by switching from smoking cigarettes to vaping, you can start making a real effort to save your body from the plethora of adverse health risks.

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