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Why yoga is much more than just stretching

Aug 26th 2014 at 9:38 PM

live in the mecca of yoga studios in San Francisco, where man seems that almost everyone in town wield the mat and goes to the next lesson vinyasa. Yet I am always surprised at how often I hear that yoga is just stretching, it's not complex exercises, or even worse, that yoga is boring. The truth is that yoga is everything you want it to be.

Sure, yoga is based on a lot of stretching, but ...
From the anatomical point of view - what really happens when a muscle is stretched, is that the second stretches. It is the relationship between extensors and flexors. When the extensor released flexor is stretched.

These muscle groups are formed around the bones to bend and straighten joints in the creation of the movement and activities in the surrounding muscles.

Relationship between triceps and biceps is one of the most common examples. When stretched biceps, triceps relaxes and vice versa. Thus stretching corresponds to only 50% incurred physical activity .

When anatomically disassembled any asana, you will notice that each position is spilling over into other high physiological way. Muscle groups are stretched and shaped, while internal organs are cleaned and massaged.

For example, Warrior II (virabhadrasana II) - arms are activated simultaneously flexing triceps and biceps. The position also activates the muscles between the shoulder blades and stretch the chest. In the lower part of the body are activated on both legs,

quadriceps, which allows you to release the inner thighs. When you move into Trikonasana straightening the front leg, while the torso moves down and forward. This action stretches the inner thigh of the front leg and thigh involving the quadriceps muscle on the back foot, it allows us to maintain stability and open upper side.

When you move to pay sufficient attention to your body and mind will stretch and strengthen. It's up to you whether you want to relax rather in the position, or activate and strengthen muscles.

Yoga teacher should pay attention to the synchronization of body and breath of his students and adjust positions according to their individual abilities. If the student did not involve a specific part of the body, it can help enable the student teacher to make it for him position had a maximum benefit - for example, holding the elbow completely by the body when chaturanze and to activate the triceps.

Yoga is actually a full body workout
Often your body is smarter than your mind. I remember that I was once in the course of advanced training, after three days of extremely intense experience, found that my body can not keep up with the ambition of my mind. So the fifth day I had no choice but to stop trying to keep up with the supervisor and let exercise course. I became silent observer of my own experience, the possibility of your body and breath.

The result was that I exercise so make more sense and eventually my body was able to do a very difficult position, which prior to the overly ambitious mind can not handle. Like extensors and flexors - my mind was able to sit back, relax and travel along the beautiful path, while the body working hard.

Regardless of the type of yoga you practice, you need to devote time connection of mind, body and breath. Yoga builds awareness of the mind / body focus our attention on the breath without disturbing thoughts or criticisms arising from the ego.

Yoga is only boring if you think it is boring
The fact that there is a belief that yoga is boring, soon will arrive as well as the fact that your body and yourself, you are also boring. Your body is incredibly interesting, complex machine, regardless of what it says your critical mind (or ego).

Any ordinary person can start practicing yoga, but just above average decides to change her life and embark on a journey of personal development.

Like life, yoga is not a destination but the journey that takes place before your eyes. Be the observer of your body and appreciate the wonderful things that you are able to do. You can surprise yourself what the creature as a whole can achieve.

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