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Why Kegel Exercises are Beneficial for Women?

Nov 8th 2015 at 4:49 PM

In 1940, Kegel exercises for women were found to be the great cure for the urinary incontinence by Arnold Kegel, a surgeon. These exercises are known to strengthen the pelvic tissues which can drastically improve the bladder sphincter muscles and the bladder. This is a very beneficial exercise for women. The basic Kegel Exercise is recommended for the old-age mothers, pregnant women and especially for those who are obese and suffering from chronic illnesses and stress. The Kegel exercises with weights are more beneficial for women of all ages. Kegel Exercises

There are different benefits of advanced Kegel exercises for females. This is very helpful exercise for the specific age groups. For example, expectant women and those who have delivery can enjoy more benefits of this exercise. The pelvic muscles are broadened and stretched after delivery due to which unsatisfied sexual function and urinary incontinence occurs. In order to cure these problems, it is important to exercise and tone up the pelvic floor muscles. To improve these muscles, women are recommended to do proper Kegel exercises and they are designed for those who want to improve their condition effectively. Kegel exercises are recommended for females after birth.

These exercises are important to tone up the vaginal muscles and reshape them and strengthen the bladder which is weakened due to stretching. Women who have a normal delivery and who had post-menopausal troubles are highly exposed to uterine prolapsed. Along with this woman who work in manufacturing units and have to lift heavy weight are advised to do Kegel exercises. Along with treating pregnancy incontinence, regular kegel exercises can help pregnant ladies to be ready to give birth to the baby and have less stress in pelvic floor muscles while giving birth because they are well toned and exercised.

After understanding the Kegel exercises and their process, you can easily do it. While during pregnancy and giving birth, it is possible that the pelvic muscles may get weakened and stressed. They may possibly cause incontinence for a long time after birth. If you are looking to do Kegels, you can start off by holding up the muscles for a couple of seconds and release it. Then it can be done again after the relaxation of few seconds. You may keep going with this type of exercise for around 10 times in a day. If you have any question or doubt regarding kegel exercise and don’t know which muscle you have to exercise, it is wise to ask the fitness expert or your doctor. Kegel Exercises For Women

For the expectant moms, it is very embarrassing to control the bladder problem. While laughing, lifting something heavy, or even coughing, women may experience urine leakage which is quite embarrassing. Hence, it is important to do kegel exercise on a daily basis. With the help of Kegel exercises, you can easily improve yourself and recover from this problem. It can help you strengthen the pelvic floor muscles and help you control the urine circulation. These exercises are really very helpful and you can do it anytime and anywhere with ease.

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