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Where Does The Story?

Sep 3rd 2014 at 3:37 AM

The study was published in the Journal of the Federation of American Societies for Experimental Biology (Federation of American Societies for Experimental Biology, FASEB).This story was ill-informed media, with all the headlines speculating that the findings could lead to a cure for gray hair. The current study did not investigate the causes of gray hair or gray hair treatment options. However, the research focused on vitiligo, segmental vitiligo specifically toward.What kind of research was this?This was a laboratory study and the report of a case series on the mechanics of the skin condition vitiligo and learn more about it could lead to new treatments.

Vitiligo can be divided into two types: Segmental and Non Segmental Vitiligo.No Segmental Vitiligo is the most common, in which the white spots that appear are symmetrical (the same sites on both sides of the body, such as both hands could be affected); In the non-segmental vitiligo, two chemicals, hydrogen peroxide and peroxynitrite, are accumulated in the skin.No segmental Vitiligo can be treated with a pseudo catalase, which is activated by the narrow-band UVB light. This reduces the concentrations of hydrogen peroxide, allowing the lost skin color returns.In Segmental Vitiligo is the least common form, the affected skin lying in a dermatome, which is a particular area of skin supplied by a single nerve, which usually affects one side of the body.Segmental Vitiligo and not Segmental may coexist, leading to a "mixed" Vitiligo.This study aimed to determine whether the accumulation of hydrogen peroxide and peroxynitrite produced in non-segmental vitiligo also occurs in segmental vitiligo, and if so, if the active light pseudo catalase, could also be useful for vitiligo segmental.What research involved?Researchers looked to see if the hydrogen peroxide and peroxynitrite (and the oxidation products that are produced when these chemicals react with other molecules in the cell) are present in the skin of individuals with segmental vitiligo.

To do this they examined four people with segmental vitiligo and six with mixed vitiligo (where the person has both segmental and non-segmental vitiligo vitiligo). For comparison, selected five healthy age-matched checks and skin type.The researchers then determined whether treatment with active narrow band UVB pseudo catalase, reducing the levels of hydrogen peroxide, which in turn could allow depigmentation.What were the basic results?The researchers found that hydrogen peroxide and peroxynitrite (and substances that are formed by reaction of these chemicals with molecules in the cell), is present in the skin of individuals with segmental vitiligo.The researchers report that treatment with UVB narrowband active pseudo catalase, reducing the levels of hydrogen peroxide and allowed depigmentation of the skin and eyelashes of five people with vitiligo, whether had only segmental vitiligo or association with non-segmental vitiligo.How did the researchers interpret the results?The researchers conclude that their findings "provide a new treatment intervention for the loss of skin color and hair."Then I leave the links I promised at the beginning about where you can buy products both for Vitiligo as for gray hair and narrowband UVB lamp.

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