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When Select Wok pan over other utensils

Jun 4th 2014 at 10:14 PM

Wok pan is very useful round-bottomed vessel is widely used in East Asia, although its origins can be traced back to China. Wok pan is one of the most used cookware that can be used for all kinds of cooking, whether frying, steaming, pan-frying, making soup, boiling, poaching or roasting.

Wok cooking pots traditionally done with a long-handled ladle or spatula so that the cook to remain at a safe distance from the cooking vessel. The most outstanding feature is its Wok pan rounded bottom that allows the chef to scoop the entire contents of the bottom of the Wok pan and throw it around easily, this is not the case with a flat bottom pan.

Wok pan can have one stick, like a pen or 2 handles in the form of loops, diametrically opposite the ship's sides. Traditionally, round bottom Wok pan with 2 handles that make it easier to pick up and maneuver. One handle, usually comes with a flat-bottomed pan Wok, which makes it easier to bend and move.

wok or pan without a stick can be used in a lot of cooking methods, such as:
• Boiling: boiling water, soups, dumplings or rice.
• Braising: Braising is a method used to reduce the sauce.
• Deep frying: Big Wok pans are used to reduce splashing, but for cooking smaller meals or small food, small pans Wok can also be used.

• Pan: Food which is fried with a little oil in the bottom of the pan.
• Roasting: Food can be cooked with drAy heat in a pan with a lid.
• Searing: food brown color on the outer surface with the use of high temperatures.
• Smoking: Food can be hot smoked, putting food on the rack above while smoking material is placed in the bottom of the Wok pan. • Steaming:

Done using a special pot for boiling water Wok in conjunction with the steam basket. • quenching: Wok pan can be used to extinguish too. • Stir frying: Frying food quickly in a small amount of oil over high heat, stirring continuously. Wok pan main advantage is its shape - curved concave bottom with large sloping sides

Due to the form of small, highly hot kitchen is created on the bottom of the pan, where some of the dishes prepared in the intense heat with relatively less fuel. Large sloping sides allow pieces of food cooked on the bottom to be pushed up easily continue cooking at a lower rate. Other parts of the food is easy to lay in the center of Wok pan while moving

. Though not especially need to have a Wok pan to cook Chinese food, it certainly makes it much easier to cook Chinese food with good pots, one produced by famous manufacturers cookware without the stick. This bowl-shaped vessel has several advantages: •

It distributes heat evenly. • It uses less oil for frying, compared with the traditional flat-bottomed frying pan. • Foods that need to throw and mixing stay inside the vessel due to the unique shape of Wok pan. If you are looking for a reliable cookware manufacturer to enter

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