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What you do not know about the muscles cramps

Apr 6th 2014 at 11:00 PM

Muscular stress, muscle tension or even cramp discovered in details the most important causes and methods of treatment and prevention methods.Rating 14 Do I complained of cramps before?? Do you repeat the sensation of pain in any muscle in your body when standing or walking, for example?? Do you exercise some kind of sport I got any kind of bruises.For each of the exposure to these problems this detailed information about the muscular stress, its causes and how to treat and prevent it. Overview of muscular stress: Muscle strain, muscle tension or even cramp, all names calling any problem that may affect the muscle or tendon related, where it is possible for everyday activities usual cause overload on the muscles.

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such as lifting heavy objects suddenly, or during exercise wrong, or while doing various work tasks and muscle damage can occur in the form of tear (partial or complete) of the muscle fiber, as well as the tendons connected to the muscle.

The rupture of the muscle can lead to rupture of some small blood vessels surrounding the muscle, which may cause bleeding in the topical (bruise), and topical pain - caused by excitation of nerve endings that region -. Symptoms of muscular stress: - Swelling, bruising or redness, cut wounds due to injury. - Pain in times of comfort (not linked using the muscle.) - Pain when using the muscle of infected or detailed connected with it. - Weakness in the muscle or tendon (the convolution - and on the contrary - the joint itself is infected or ligaments related.) - The inability to use the muscle at all.

When resorting to the doctor? • - If the injury is muscular adult or if you do not succeed the usual medicines to relieve pain within 24 hours of injury you should resort to the doctor If you were not able to walk, or there was severe swelling, or pain very locus of injury, or a rise in temperature or cut wounds must be subject to examination in the emergency department at the hospital. Examinations and tests in the case of muscular stress: • Your doctor will take a medical history and you have to sign a medical examination, it is important during the examination to be sure whether the muscle rupture partially or completely (which may require a longer time to heal, surgery, convalescence or more complex).

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Apr 7th 2014 at 12:37 AM by atomicmedia1
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