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What to eat in the office

Jul 24th 2014 at 8:25 PM

After the holidays are particularly difficult to return to normal daily life and work schedule. To feel at least relatively cheerful and able-bodied, you should try to adjust quickly to sleep and, of course, to draw up a diet.

Studies show that a good breakfast improves performance by about 30%, so if you have a hard day at the office, do not forget to provide the morning the body of stored energy. Best its source - porridge.

Cereals contain B vitamins (improve brain function and help to handle stress). In addition, there are necessary in cereals brain complex carbohydrates.

It is from carbohydrates our brain gets glucose, which stimulates its activity, to find non-standard solution to the problem and focus on something important.

The quickest way to provide the brain with glucose - something sweet to eat: chocolate, cake or just a lump of sugar. All of these products contain

simple carbohydrates that are immediately split, increased blood sugar and saturated brain glucose. However, in this case the blood sugar falls as fast as the rising and after minute 'enlightenment' piled apathy and distraction.

With complex carbohydrates, which can be obtained from cereals, bread, potatoes , things are different. They split slowly, blood sugar rises without spikes, and the brain receives a constant feeding.

And here is the classic English breakfast, which includes eggs and bacon, cook less often better. Excess body fat negatively affects the health and functioning of the brain. Scientists have conducted a series of experiments on mice. Half rodents are fed as usual, and the other half were given food with high fat diet.

A month later, the experimenters conducted a series of tests - mice were placed in a maze and measured the time during which the prisoner will be able to find a way out. Mice that ate a lot of fat, showed much worse results than those who received dietary food.
Meat at lunch

Brain proteins needed no less carbohydrates. It is thanks to the proteins the body produces hormones adrenaline and dopamine, which are responsible for the reaction rate and stimulate thought processes. So if you need to make quick decisions and it is desirable that these decisions were correct, without meat or fish can not do.

Just try not to overeat. If you overeat, the blood rushes to the digestive organs to help them cope with the consequences of overeating. At this time, the brain is starved. So, ordering a steak for lunch or steak, watch portion sizes.

However, no matter what inveterate workaholics about healthy food, during the working day, they usually still have a bite at fast food restaurants. And if so, should try as little as possible to harm your health.

Pizza . Choose thin crust pizza, vegetarian better with a bit of ketchup and spices.
Potatoes filled . Choose lean fillers such as cheese or herring in oil. Discard the mayonnaise and cheese sauce.

Hamburger . Order children's portions and a Diet Coke. Discard the salad dressing.
Hotdog . Ask the seller to not water your hot dog with ketchup, mayonnaise and mustard - spicy sauces to anything your stomach suhomyatku exhausted.

Pies and pasties . Choose baked cakes. Fried pies, pasties and belyashi contain too much fat.
Broccoli for dinner

A hardworking should be sturdy. Stress, running through endless corridors and stairways, watch the computer - it all takes a lot of strength and health. But do not add oxygen, well, unless you do not work on the street. So you need to think about how to remedy the lack of oxygen. Broccoli - just one vegetable that can help. In this variety of cabbage contains substances that protect the heart from oxygen starvation.

Well, if your work schedule is so dense, it's time for lunch sorely lacking and you have to eat on the run and eat cold food, especially broccoli must take its place in your menu. Only 70 grams of broccoli a day can reduce the risk to earn a stomach ulcer. The fact that broccoli contains a kind of natural atibiotik which acts on Helicobacter and saves us from gastric problems.

Diet for memory

It turns out that some foods are able to "cure" us from forgetfulness - the main enemy of good employees. Eat more often:

Lentils . Besides large amounts of complex carbohydrates, it contains amino acids necessary for rapid biochemical processes in the cells of the brain. Provides mental clarity and increases the speed of thought.
Onions . It promotes better oxygen saturation of brain cells.
Garlic . It contains substances that activate the brain cells. With prolonged use improves memory and prevents age-related changes in the brain.

Fish , as it contains substances necessary brain cells during prolonged strenuous work. Fish helps the brain to produce chemicals that allow us to feel more relaxed, happy, think clearly.
Nuts . They help the body to produce dopamine.

This hormone activates the mental reaction. Particularly useful in this regard walnut . No wonder the Arab countries it is called "four brain." Indeed, walnut kernel is very similar to the contents of the skull. That is why for a long time it was believed that walnuts improve cognitive abilities.

For this reason, the priests in ancient Babylon forbade commoners to eat these fruits - a sharp mind mob to anything!
Brussels sprouts . Increases the ability to concentrate.

Lemons . Vitamin C destroys unstable oxygen molecules that cause memory impairment. British scientists conducted an experiment which found that increasing daily consumption askorbinki in half, you can increase your intellectual capacity by an average of four points!

Brown rice . Japanese scientists set up an experiment on mice. Rodents were divided into three groups. First given normal feed, the second - added white rice, and the third - the crude. After some time, throwing rodents in a pool of water and monitored, who soon will find a drifting raft. Previously, all guided mouse fed on brown rice. In this case, each time they did it faster, which scientists say indicates an improvement in memory.

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