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What should and should not do when stomach pain

Aug 4th 2014 at 10:35 PM

People with stomach pain should take particular care in diet and exercise. So, if you are unfortunate stomach pain, obey the following.Scores on "culprit" causing chronic gastritis The "roads" lead to stomach ailments fastest Remove belly the right way: fast cutting stomach pain 18 reasons why your stomach pain (P2) What should be done when the stomach pain|-is-david-paltrow-scam
- Drinking warm liquids

stomach sick person should drink warm water temperature 30-32 degrees C. The warm water effect blood vessel stability, increase defense capabilities to protect the stomach and protect the stomach lining better.

Also, drink warm water also helps aid digestion, reduce the burden on the stomach, thereby reducing the symptoms of stomach pain effectively. - Abdominal Massage before bedtime belly Massage works to maintain a steady state of stomach and digestion, helps the stomach to work more efficiently. Thus, stomach pain level decreased significantly. If you have stomach pain,|-is-david-paltrow-scam

evening, before bed, you should manually remove the cord around the lake counterclockwise, then rub the abdomen down. Doing this repeatedly will help you feel more comfortable. - Eat soft foods and eat in small amounts when stomachache,

if eat solid food will cause stomach to strong contractions, much to grind pieces of food, so the stomach pain is increasing.

Soft foods will help minimize this because the stomach will work more gently. Additionally, to avoid straining his stomach to work for a while, the food intake should be split up into multiple meals a day, have from 5-6 or more meals. Not so hungry but did not eat it too. Each meal should be spaced about 2-3 hours.

People with stomach illness often have poor digestive function, so eating should pay attention. The cold food gastrointestinal irritability makes people feel stomach pain as more unpleasant. Eating cold food will cause stomach to expand the blood vessels,

reducing blood flow to other organs, obstructing the normal digestive process. excitability Cold water also causes gastrointestinal motility increased, affect the absorption of nutrients by the body. Meanwhile, it also dilutes the gastric juice, affecting digestion.

- Do not eat spicy food, spicy foods spicy foods often cause indigestion and bloating easy. If we consume more will make the symptoms of stomach pain increased, even accompanying risk of diarrhea ... spicy foods can cause stomach irritation, digestive disorders do while your stomach is malfunction. Hence, it can make your stomach ache growing. -|-is-david-paltrow-scam

Avoid foods containing alcohol, stimulants Alcohol, caffeine can cause stomach acid rising rapidly, thereby increasing stimulus to stomach and stomach pain made ​​worse. In particular, alcohol can also cause irritation and abrasion lining of the stomach causing ulcers or stomach bleeding. So, if you are suffering from pain or stomach ulcers

, stay away from caffeinated beverages such as coffee, Coke, tea ... - Do not eat acidic foods acidic foods can cause high stimulate your stomach. This not only affects digestion, but also makes the stomach lining vulnerable. foods such as oranges, lemons .

.. or sour foods often have a high acid content, so if you are stomach pain, then stay away. If consumption of these foods will increase the risk of stomach ulcers or switch to cause more severe gastric disease.

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