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What Nurses Look For When Choosing Their Stethoscopes

Sep 5th 2014 at 6:18 AM

What Nurses Look For When Choosing Their Stethoscopes


Nurses are often times unappreciated in the medical world. A nurse can wear many hats, run around with doctors, and deal with a variety of patients in hopes of saving lives. They are on their feet, running around, and doing the job of many different people. That being said, they too utilize tools of the medical trade and it becomes important to have the right solution to best serve patients. When choosing stethoscopes, they do not just pick up whatever is cheap, there’s a method to the decision, and one that often times falls on several different factors.

Durability First

The first thing that they look for is something that is going to last. Durability is perhaps one of the most important aspects of stethoscopes in general. Without factoring this in, a nurse could end up having to


purchase tools more often than they should. Having a go to stethoscope that is going to last the test of time, and be reliable means that it should be durable as well. Without a durable tool set, doctors and nurses would have a very difficult time performing their job.


Sound Amplification Matters

The sound that comes through the stethoscope becomes one of the factors that nurses are looking for overall. The amplification is usually second to the durability factor. If sound is not amplified in a proper manner, the end result could mean misdiagnosis or any number of issues that could abound. Sound matters, and amplification is the main goal of one of these tools. Nurses will often times go with mid level solutions opposed to higher end technical options. However, some nurse practitioners will in fact go for higher levels of amplification and noise reduction to ensure proper diagnosis of certain ailments, especially those that plague the lungs and circulatory system.


Trusted Brand Name


Perhaps one of the wild cards that many don’t realize is that brand matters when it comes to medical supplies. Most people aren’t aware of the many brands that are available in this arena, but it does in fact come into play. Certain brands have a lot better track record of producing durable solutions, while new companies enter the market all the time. Medical professionals will look into what works out best overall, and will ensure that the right solution is a matter of brand name and reviews on the item. Much like you would trust one brand over another in the construction world, when purchasing power tools, medical professionals do the same thing with their stethoscopes. The aforementioned is just a few things that nurses and doctors may look for when purchasing tools of the trade. Of course, there are a lot of factors that could play in to the purchase, but on a basic level, the above works well. In the end, it’s imperative that the function works as much as the fashion, because durability will denote a great deal of the solution. Furthermore, ear buds and placement of the components on the head also factor in. If a nurse can’t hear properly because the ear pieces aren’t adjustable or they are too small or large, it could prove disastrous.

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