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Hi, my name is Scott Cloran.
I am a 32 year old happily married man.
I live in Alaska.My wife and I have 6 grandchildren(from her kids).

My wife and I are both Reiki Masters.
We have many clients local and long distance.
I also have an internet home business.
You can find out more about that

Thank you for stopping by and viewing
my faceplate.Be sure to follow me and I
will follow you as well.

Keep an eye out for my articles and such
because I will teach you about Reiki and about my home business.

All the best,
Scott Cloran
Internet Entrepreneur


What Is Reiki ?

Jan 6th 2011 at 10:48 PM

Reiki is a Japanese word. Rei means - Universal Wisdom. Ki means - Life Energy.  Reiki is therefore -- life energy guided by universal wisdom.  Reiki is pronounced Ray-Key.

Reiki is a powerful tool for physical,mental,emotional,and spiritual healing andbalancing whilst greatly enhancing personal growth.

The Ki-- energy is the vital flowing life force contained in all life. It is a whole and complete unlimited energy. All that is needed to receive the Reiki is the desire to receive.

Most cultures and religions have a term which corrosponds to Ki------


1) Chi                                                      Chinese

2) Light or The Holy Ghost                      Christians

3) Prana                                                  Hindu and Yoga

4) Mana                                                  The Kahunas of Hawaii

5) Fluid of Life                                         Alchemy

6) Jesod                                                  Jewish Cabalists

7) Organ Energy                                     Wihelm Reich

8) Wakan                                                 Sioux


All these term refer to the same energy. All different systems require different methods of contacting this energy. Reiki is a very specific way of channeling this energy requiring only an attunement to the energy and the intention to use it.It can be learned by anyone. It is one of the easiest and most effective methods of natural healing.

Reiki can be used to treat anything on any level and is an effective method of maintaining a balanced well-being. Reiki is universal and is not connected to ant religion or belief system, but embraces and enhances all such beliefs- bringing greater understanding and clearer direction. Indeed it is Light and as such is a very powerful tool for lifting the many veils of intellectual interpretation of religion, allowing the esssence to shine through.It puts you more in touch with your faith or religion, allowing your ascent to a plateau where all things are seen with greater clairity.

A point to mention in the context of religion is that you do not have to believe in God to practice Reiki,just love. It is a constant connection between you and the universal light, wether that be God or your higher self or simply the pulse and rhythm of nature.


Scott Cloran

Work from home, Live your dream !





Please to comment
Mar 3rd 2011 at 1:30 AM by doddee
I did not know what Reiki was...thank you for sharing.
Jan 7th 2011 at 9:10 PM by ScottCloran
If anyone is looking to get a healing done check it out here

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