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What is Premature Ejaculation?

Sep 24th 2010 at 9:37 AM


Premature ejaculation is one of the most common sexual problems that will affect all kinds of men. It is mainly abbreviated as PE and is a condition that will require the right intervention for healing and restoration to be realized. The following is an overview of what it is and how it comes about. It has been defined as reaching a climax too soon affecting the sexual experience in a negative way. There are many facts that have been observed about this condition. An example is that young men will be affected by the problem more compared to older men. This is because sexual control in this regard will get better with age.

Premature ejaculation will however continue to plague some men who are middle-aged and the good news is that there are all kinds of interventions and remedies available. With this problem, it can be difficult to really pin point the level of the problem and many have wondered when they can declare themselves to be suffering from it. Sexual intercourse will certainly have an acceptable length and for many when this length proves not to be forthcoming, PE will be the problem to deal with. According to an American research paper on this topic, people with PE will last on average 1.8 minutes.

The same survey showed that ‘normal’ men will last on average 7.3 minutes. This condition will definitely affect both partners and if the intercourse is unreasonably short,premature ejaculation will be suspected. According to a report presented at the Congress of the European Society for Sexual Medicine in 2006, men who could not last 90 seconds in a vagina were positive for this sexual condition. According to many folk, surveys show that intercourse that lasts less than 10 minutes will undoubtedly be unsatisfactory.

Premature ejaculation is critical to people and will in most cases not be ignored. It is not just a source of worry and frustration but has the capacity to affect marriages and relationships. In very severe cases, it has been recorded that some men will not have sex in the first place because ejaculation happens even before penetration. In such cases, pregnancy will be hard to achieve further frustrating relationships. It is a source of low self-confidence for most who suffer.

Anxiety, preconditioned mind and others will be seen as potential causes of this problem. More recent studies have shown that it can be caused by medical factors many of them remaining unknown. Some experts have acknowledged that some amount of alcohol can help calm nerves and easepremature ejaculation by delaying the climax. However, most experts agree that alcohol is NOT a treatment for the problem. There are several known remedies that will work to eliminate the problem. Mild and severe cases can find the right cure and treatment.


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