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What is melanoma-Learn what you should know about the disease

Jan 19th 2014 at 8:06 PM

Mr. Teague was already in the middle of another summer season and stop, with the thermometer reaches even 40 degrees Celsius. Naturally, the beaches are filled with bathers both young and old for a breath of freshness. The Sun, however, prolonged sunbathing many times can cause side effects such as skin cancer, called "melanomas". So how hurtful the Sun and how beneficial for our skin?

A.: The Sun, like all elements of nature, have a positive effect on the human body, eg production of vitamin D, a positive effect on the psychology of the individual, etc., but if used correctly. The seamless human exposure to sunlight can lead to various unpleasant situations, such as sunburn, photoaging of the skin, precancerous lesions and carcinogenesis.
contrast, mild and controlled exposure to the sun promotes vitamin production, strengthens the immune system while sometimes acts enhancers in the treatment of various skin diseases (eg psoriasis). E.: What is melanoma? melanomas How many types exist, no cure the patient of the disease;

Melanoma is a malignant tumor of the skin that represents proliferating malignant melanocytes.
There precursors such as congenital melanocytic nevi, and clark nevi and normal forms like melanoma in situ, the surface extending, nodular melanoma, etc. . At this point, we should clarify that not all "black" or "brown" melanoma lesions, such that only about 30% of melanomas start from an already existing lesions (eg nevi), while 70 % of grow in normal skin.

Finally, the cure of the patient, as in most cancers, depends mainly on the stage in which you discover the damage. So, the sooner the diagnosis, the better weather there. E.: The "melanoma" from what I know is an extremely dangerous form of "cancer" skin and sometimes can even cause death. How is it caused and what people are considered more susceptible to contracting melanoma?

A.: It is caused by the overproduction of malignant melanocytes. There is a rule for mnimotechnikos incidence of melanoma.
a) more than 5 atypical nevi
b) numerous common nevi (> 50)
c) red hair and freckles
d) failure tanning (photocopy 111)
e) severe sunburn, especially Childhood
f) family history of melanoma Q: How can you protect yourself from any burns during sunbathing? Could you determine the time to be able to stand in the sun, without affect later health of?

A.: The potential for exposure to sunlight is not specific. It depends on our age, skin type, our country where we are exposed to the sun (another kind of solar radiation we receive in the Mediterranean, another in a tropical country), underlying our condition etc.
The guidelines are not should never be exposed to the Sun uncovered and unprotected sun between 11am and 5 pm E.: In EU countries including our own, according to official figures, killed every year 37,000 people from "melanomas" alarming number. It is believed that people are not properly informed as to take proper precautions?

A.: I think people today are more aware and better informed than in the past. It is important that we see more people aware of the role of the sun, to take their children to the beach and afternoon to visit a dermatologist for verification. E.: A melanoma of the skin, how can anyone come to visit a dermatologist of?

A.: Each new skin damage (mainly coffee - black) with asymmetric limits or change in color, size or behavior on existing olive tree should motivate us and visit our doctor.
Individuals at increased risk should be visiting one at least once a year their dermatologist. E.: Children are much more sensitive compared to adults, how you should protect parents from the ultraviolet rays of the sun, because let's not forget, children usually playing for hours lazing on beaches.

A: Infants under 6 months should not be exposed to direct sunlight. Our children need to educate very young to know how to protect themselves from the sun. Normally our children and we should not be exposed to the sun in the afternoon, but as we all will meet one Sunday with our kids all day on the beach, you should not forget:
a) use sunscreen (at least half an hour before exposure to the sun and every 1 ½ hour after), suitable for the type of our skin and our age.
b) Use white cotton shirt or sunscreen special machine on the market.
c) Use a hat and sunglasses. E. : Aside from skin cancer, especially in the summer months there is a risk of being attacked by other 'dermatological infections. " What are they, and how can we avoid them?

A: The most common report of herpes simplex various microbial species (eg staphylococcal) and fungal infections, a fact during the summer months.
avoidance and protection from insects, and the basic principles of health, together with the avoidance of overexposure to the sun helps the greater resistance of the body against infections. E.: I would now like to switch over to another piece very special and dangerous has to do with the "STDs". Particularly in the summer months, when people are easier to come into contact with the opposite sex. What message will be sent as an expert scientist?

A: Unfortunately there is a worldwide trend to increase sexual diseases despite information that exists. Also, due to the movement of populations exist in Europe and increase sexually transmitted diseases that were previously reduction, such as syphilis, chancroid the etc
is therefore extremely important to inform people, especially young people for the risk of free, unprotected, sex. Q.: How has the march of the AIDS Sexually Transmitted Disease?

A.: AIDS is now, with new therapeutic approaches, a chronic condition. If it is known that a patient is HIV positive and received the same treatment, then you can live for years without major problems.
's important to know that proper precautions are saving for our lives, but even if someone is infected a STD, seek medical attention if promptly will protect heavily both himself and his / their sexual companions. It should come to fear a) to examine for STDs and ask medical help. Q.: Can you enumerate what STDs? How can one protect them

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