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What is Lasik Eye Surgery?

Sep 25th 2015 at 12:49 AM

Lasik eye surgery is a simple procedure with lasting results. Find out more about whether you might be a candidate and how you could benefit from it.

Lasik is a type of refractive eye surgery that is used to correct vision. Because the procedure can be done fairly quickly and the recovery time is minimal and usually painless, it is the most popular vision corrective surgery performed today.

Optimal candidates for Lasik include people with moderate nearsightedness or farsightedness, including those with astigmatism. All candidates need to have thick enough corneas for the procedure.

Consulting with an eye doctor is the first step toward determining whether or not you are a good candidate for Lasik vision correction. Some of the things the doctor will look for are whether your eyes are healthy enough for surgery, if your lifestyle is conducive to lasting results from it, and whether or not any age-related eye changes may impact the outcome. She or he will also evaluate your cornea, using tests to determine the shape and thickness.

Before the surgery, you will be asked to refrain from wearing contact lenses for a few days or a few weeks, depending on the type of lenses you wear. Some contacts may reshape the cornea, which could interfere in the optimal performance of the process. Immediately before, you might take a sedative prescribed by your doctor, especially if you are experiencing anxiety, and numbing drops will be placed on your eyes.

The surgery itself only takes about ten minutes to perform, but you can expect to be in the chair for up to thirty minutes for the complete procedure. The surgeon will use either a blade or a laser to cut a thin flap from your cornea and will then reshape your cornea to the specifications necessary to improve vision. Although most patients have 20/20 vision or 20/40 vision almost immediately, it is recommended that you have someone to drive you home.

The doctor will want to see you again 24 to 48 hours afterwards. The healing period required is usually minor. The quick recovery time is one of the benefits of Lasik for vision correction. Most patients experience improved vision immediately, although some may not realize complete benefits for a few weeks.

The majority of people who undergo Lasik find that their vision is improved enough that they no longer require glasses or contacts, but results can vary based on your age and on the severity of your near-or farsightedness before the procedure.

The long-term success rate of Lasik coupled with the quick recovery time makes it one of the most popular eye surgery options today. If you are interested in learning more about Lasik and whether you might be a candidate, click here.


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Jessica is an experienced eye care specialist. You can find her thoughts at optometric updates blog.

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