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What Is Congenital Heart Disease CHD

Jun 9th 2012 at 3:54 AM

CHO in order to public awareness, the latter is required to know the anatomy of the heart, for practical reasons.

"The heart is a four-Chambered organ. The upper two (small) chambers are called auricles, and the lower two (smaller) is called the ventricles. Replaced the leaves on each side are linked to their chambers through the opening / hole, the left is called mitral valve orifice and the right called the tricuspid aperture. Openings guarded by valves ( called the mitral and tricuspid valve), so that the blood flows in one direction only, namely the leaves, and the chambers are replaced, on each side.

On the left side of the heart multiple pulmonary embolisms contains pure or oxygen-rich blood. After oxygenation, the lungs from the blood to the left of the upper chamber to the left auricle into the lungs through the vasculature. From left ear, the blood goes to the left ventricle through the mitral orifice, and the left ventricle the blood is pushed / pumped into the aorta (through the aortic opening, guarded by the aortic valve), which is the main blood vessel that supplies blood throughout the body through several branches.

From the body, blood has to return the heart to oxidative damage. This blood comes to the upper right chamber of the heart (right auricle), superior vena cava returns blood to the top of the body and through the inferior vena cava, which returns the blood at the bottom of the body. The blood health cure review then passes to the right ventricle through the tricuspid aperture. The right ventricle pushes blood to the lungs opening (guarded by pulmonary valve) into the pulmonary trunk, which is divided into right and left pulmonary arteries carry blood to the right and left lungs for the oxygenation.

It is obvious that not only the left side of the chambers containing oxygen-rich blood to the ventricles and the right side within the contaminated blood. Right and left heart chambers are not connected in any way, so that there is no mixing of a clean and contaminated with blood.

The main pulmonary artery / trunk that carries blood to the right ventricle and pulmonary oxygen supply may be involved. If this is the stenosed vessel, called pulmonary stenosis (PS), the whole blood into the right ventricle is not able to go into the lungs for cleaning. This defect may be pulmonary associated with septal defect either in two auricles referred to as atrial septal defect (ASD), or the two chambers are referred to as ventricular septal defect (VSD), or both, so that the contaminated blood goes to the left (as in the cases pressure is more chambers of the right side), i.e. . the left auricle or left ventricle.

In this way, the left ventricles of the heart, rather than containing the pure oxygen-rich blood containing blood that is mixed with both pure and contaminated with blood. This combined with the blood through the aorta, the body is fed so that the body instead of getting a pure oxygen-rich blood, be mixed with blood, and so every body / tissue in the body suffers, and the child can be born. blue / cyanosed, or turns blue, a little exertion.

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