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What food to eat to lose weight

Jul 25th 2014 at 8:52 PM

Yes, you heard right. Bread - is a valuable vegetable protein, as well as necessary for our body minerals: potassium,

magnesium, sodium, phosphorus, and iron. Fat in almost no bread (0.5-1.5%), mostly carbohydrates, getting that in the early days, we provide ourselves with vivacity and strength.

This can not be afraid to gain weight - carbohydrates tend to be absorbed well in daylight, and eaten a couple of slices of bread for breakfast

"burn" without reserve well before nightfall. For this reason, traditional morning dish considered and porridge. Typically a good figure: starchy foods eaten with advantage in the first half of the day.
Good mood

Bread is also a source of B vitamins, which do not allow us to immerse ourselves into apathy and inaction. Wondered why those who refuse bread, on the second day a bad mood? ..

The fact that B vitamins are involved in the development of "happiness hormone" serotonin, and along with "friendly support" of other vitamins, helping them assimilation.

To get the daily value of vitamin B, you need only write a good breakfast. For example: a couple of dried slices of lightly toasted bread (it is easier to digest) with butter plus a glass of orange juice.

Cleansing the body

Dietary fiber (they - valuable fiber) contained in bread, as a broom, sweeping out from our gastrointestinal all unnecessary body healthy and cleansing it. It does not add product calorie and excreted unchanged, at the same time capturing with an excess fat from food and helps to reduce cholesterol.

These properties are largely has whole wheat bread, bran cereal and flour. But white, alas, in this case we do not mate. It is made ​​from purified (refined) flour, devoid not only the lion's share of dietary fiber, but also many useful items.

Rye bread

An ideal choice for those who care about the figure, but it does not suffer from high acidity of the stomach, gastritis or ulcer. Rye bread refers to whole grain: rye is milled into flour with a shell, and it is something just focused and maximum amount of vitamins and minerals.

For example, in rye bread compared with white, 4 times more iron, not to mention the invaluable for slimming fat, which creates a feeling of fullness faster. In addition, modern researchers have confirmed bytuyuschey loyalty of the people saying:

"Eat rye bread - not fall asleep with my wife." It turned out, rye bread has a positive effect on reproductive function.

Weight Loss

To eaten bread went to benefit our body, it should be there in the morning (see paragraph 1), and in small amounts (2-3 slices). For dieters additional rule: instead of white bread - rye, bran or flour.

And most importantly, the product must be of high quality - do not buy bread questionable production.

Unscrupulous bakers use in order to save overdue flour improvers, preservatives, flavorings, to accelerate the production of dough stuffed with disintegrants artificial ferment, etc., that sooner or later will not fail to affect your metabolism.

Jean Kirsher , a global expert in baking bread, one of the foremost modern bakers' bread can be healthy if it is made ​​from high-quality ingredients and traditional technology. For example, we use only the finest ingredients:

pure, water without any additives; flour - without ascorbic acid, lecithin, added gluten genetically modified enzymes; environmentally clean grown grains and seeds; natural leaven or very small amount of yeast.

This allows us to get a nice creamy crumb crust and good smelly. In addition, we strongly follow the rules fermentation - our magic temperature: +24 °

C, exactly the same as that used in the production of wine. We are convinced that the taste and aroma of bread occurs only at a temperature and for us it does not matter: the process takes 6, 12 or more hours. As a result of natural fermentation born bread, which naturally benefits to our body. "

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