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What Causes Warts What You Must Know to Avoid Getting Warts

Jun 10th 2012 at 11:43 PM

Over the centuries there have been many theories about what causes warts with perhaps the most popular theory is that they come from toads! While toads are a little warty in appearance, rest assured that you can not get warts by handling them. You can get warts, but other people who have warts. This is because warts are caused by a virus that attacks the skin cells by growing at a rate faster than they should in turn creates a benign tumor commonly called a wart.

The virus that causes warts is called plantar warts pictures human papilloma virus. It can be spread from person to person and can also be spread from one place in your body to another. The virus enters through cracks in the skin and grows in hot and humid, so it is often associated with public showers and locker rooms where they often have skin contact with wet floors where other people have also been walking .

Taking a closer look at what causes health cure review warts, can be observed that warts could be avoided by always wearing something on your feet in the pool or gym and avoiding sharing personal items with others, such as razors and towels. The interesting thing about human papilloma virus is that it has an incubation period can last up to nine months after exposure to really show as a wart.

While most everyone can get warts, not everyone does. Some people seem more susceptible to them than others. Often, young people under 30 years old and people with reduced immune function are prone to warts. That's because warts, being a virus, would have a better chance to settle in the people who were ill prepared to combat it. Not everyone who is exposed to human papilloma virus warts because most people have antibodies in your system to kill the virus before it can affect your skin cells.

Warts can appear anywhere on your body, but is seen most commonly on the hands, elbows, knees and ankles. Plantar warts are those found at the bottom of your feet and at the same time may be different in the appearance of warts and other places that are still the same type of wart just compressed and flattened due to pressure walked on. Genital warts are highly contagious type of warts in the genital area also caused by human papilloma virus.

So now you know what causes warts, you are wondering how to get rid of them. Indeed, various treatments however, it should be noted that not every treatment works the same in each. If you have tried a treatment and has not worked, do not feel like I was "stuck with warts", try another treatment until you find one that works for you. Sometimes warts disappear on their own, but if you can wait that long to get to a treatment plan and try different things until you find something that works effectively for you.

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