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Weight Watchers Vs. SparkPeople

Sep 6th 2012 at 4:44 AM


There are many diet programs that are doing rounds in the market and on the Internet. Online diet programs are often over their offline counterparts, as they follow cheaper, easily accessible and simple, are preferred. Weight Watchers and SparkPeople are two such online diet programs that have received rave reviews. In this article, we have made a comparison between Sparkpeople vs Weight Watchers, so as to highlight their similarities and differences. This comparison should also be able to tell you which. Better for you


Which is better



Weight Watchers diet program is based on a point tracker system. In this system, different foods are assigned numerical values ​​or points. Foods with more fat and more calories assigned more points, while healthy foods like fruits and vegetables are on the lower range of the scale. In this program, each dieter daily points will be assigned depending on their age, gender and lifestyle xtreme fat loss diet review. The diet can manage their daily meals in such a way so that it does not exceed their daily limit point. If a dieter eats heavy, high-calorie meal during the lunch break, he is forced to eat healthy foods that are low points for the rest of the day, so he does not run out of the daily points. The general idea is to promote healthy eating habits in dieters.


SparkPeople, on the other hand, a mechanism for counting calories. In this program, the diet does not keep track of what they eat and how many points they consume. You can easily choose meal plans that meet their needs. The meal plans are formulated so that a dieter gets complete nutrition. In addition, a dieter can look for replacement foods with similar calorie content, so they eat their favorite foods.


Weight Loss

Both Weight Watchers and SparkPeople target the steady and healthy weight loss. Most people who subscribe to these programs you will experience the desired weight loss xtreme fat loss tips. However, weight loss is achieved usually depends on the person of discipline and hard work rather than effectiveness of a program.



Both Weight Watchers and SparkPeople encourage exercise for dieters. A special Weight Watchers points system has negative points for exercise. Meaning, if you exceed your points for the day, you can shave the extra points by exercising and earning negative points. The negative points for the points you gather compensated by overeating. You can also, if you are about to run out of points in the middle of the day. So you are more likely to stay to your routine and not be discouraged, even if you go get your daily point limit. Weight Watchers also suggests exercise regime to your individual needs. SparkPeople indeed promotes the exercise but it's not fixed, treatments for your specific needs.



Both Weight Watchers and SparkPeople offer excellent online support for the diet in the form of message boards, forums, communities, expert advice, etc. Weight Watchers leads meetings where dieters can interact effectively with dietitians and other dieters. Although, SparkPeople offers online doctor consultation, can not interact immediately. Both sites offer effective eTools that the diet can keep track of their meals. These eTools also help in weight loss.



Weight Watchers. A monthly subscription fee of $ 17.95 for his diet, while SparkPeople is totally free on-line program Weight Watchers also invites a signing bonus in the amount of $ 29.95. The offline program is slightly cheaper than the online program.



Weight Watchers Point tracking system can be a little hectic for some people. There is not much variety in food that you eat. The biggest drawback is that if you starve your points exhausted at each meal, you may have to for the rest of the day or the exercise. This is not just to lose weight a healthy way. For a healthy weight loss, you must provide your body with food during the day. The higher costs may deter some dieters from enrollment.


SparkPeople, based on calorie counting does not take into account lifestyle, gender and individual needs of a person. So you need to do under certain circumstances a lot of manual calculations and come up with your own individual caloric needs. This can be set to be very difficult for someone who has no experience in the diet, diet foods, etc. It is in a way self-directed and provides no guidelines. Thus, beginners have difficulty adjusting to this diet plan.


While both of these diet plans have their own advantages and disadvantages, it is recommended that you start with Weight Watchers and then switch to SparkPeople, if you get the hang of how diet works get.

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