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Ways to Stop Smoking

Jan 25th 2011 at 7:37 AM

To successfully quit you may need to identify the psychological reason why you smoke and not just combat the physical side of the addiction such as just using smoking aids without really understanding why you smoke in the first place.

Some of the effects of smoking are cancers, amputation, heart attacks, stroke, emphysema (illness that slowly rots your lungs), bronchitis and heart disease and in some cases death. Did you know that smoking causes one in five deaths from heart disease, three out of four deaths in younger smokers from heart disease are due to smoking and that one in two lifetime smokers will die from their habit.

One of the many reasons a lot of people try to give up and fail, is that they do not know the psychological reason why they smoke and only target the physical addiction using smoking aids such as patches, inhalers, sprays or gum.

Why Do You Smoke?

There are two reasons why you smoke, one is the physical addiction to the chemicals in the cigarettes which is caused by the nicotine and the other is a psychological addiction.

Types of psychological addiction are:-

Stimulation - like getting out of bed and making a coffee to kick start your day or smoking a cigarette to get your motor running.

Relaxation - normally after a meal or with a drink, this is normally a social smoker's emotional addiction.

Craving - this is the nicotine having an effect on the brain making you dependent on the cigarettes.

Crutch - is when you are under pressure of some kind, you light up to supposedly relax yourself and cope with it.

Handling - watching the smoke, flicking the ash and holding the cigarette.

So to successfully quit, you will need to identify your psychological reason for smoking and combat that as well as using any additional smoking aids if needed.

For more detailed information on this subject, including exactly how you can quit, please visit: Stop Smoking Website.

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