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Warm-up Exercises Before The Rigorous Training Necessary

Apr 1st 2014 at 11:37 PM

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Warm-up exercises have occurred magic before doing any training hard, it keeps the muscles of the body from exposure to any injury and make it in full readiness to take advantage of the exercises harsh accepted by any professional athlete Information Research By Nature Review Scam Click Here..!

1) Dynamic warm-up
Jumping rope a workout magic that activate all the muscles in the body and improve blood flow by, which vary between jump ropes legs and only one leg, between 10 to 20 times, then move on to exercises D thigh muscle while prostrate on the ground with the same number the previous exercise. Leg exercises and swing from back to front and then to the side helps muscle relaxant as well, then finish exercises pressure between 10 to 20 times.

2) the warm-up before lifting weights
This warm-up is also one of the most important exercises that precede do to lift heavy weights to prepare the muscles of the body to carry it, and begins to move both wrists in a circular motion as you draw circles in the air, and all the trainee to do is stand in place and extend his hands in the air so that it is below the level of his waist and then do circled from left to right and then vice versa 10 times.

• Exercise move the elbows is the muscles of the hands, in which the trainee extended his hand in front of him so that the face of it, facing the ceiling, and then tightly grip the hand and returns ulna pass up a fist from under the jaw to the back hand to place first, but this time the interior is facing the ceiling. Preferably done in the hands 10 times.

• warm-up circles arms stating shoulder muscles, arms and the bolt, in this exercise, stand trainee and opens his arms even wider point to be on the verge of embracing someone and then draw small circles for 10 seconds and then expands these departments for ten seconds again until it reaches the maximum circular motion also for 10 seconds. Then move on to another exercise in the same situation but this time the circular motion from back to front.

• Exercises swing leg using weights, in this exercise, stand trainee upright, carrying the weight of one of his hands and then to reduce the weight to bend the upper body forward and at the same time increase the leg, which lies under the hand-weight-bearing, rising upright then returns trainee top back and down But the leg without touching the ground to return to the position after the first bend apprentice again. Preferably do this exercise 10 times with each leg.

• Train "Spider-Man Long" is also a useful warm-up exercises for the entire body and especially the legs, and it lies like a trainee about to do exercises pressure, but on the other hand is one of his legs extended forward to align with his hands.

• warm-up exercises back and shoulders or PVC dislocates, in this exercise, the trainee holds the stick at both ends Monday with his hands so that they are face to face and then slowly returned to what behind his back and then back again to the same position slowly and have a deep breath during exercise.

• If will include jogging prefer to do exercises to extend the body and bend the legs and jogging slowly in your position until you are ready for later.

• There are coaches who see some of the animals in the simulation exercise and an excellent warm-up for the body, a parody Leap Frog, it is useful warm-up joints and muscles.

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