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Want to Know the Effective Way to Stop Smoking?

Jul 6th 2010 at 12:57 PM

Want to Know the Effective Way to Stop Smoking?

We are creatures of impulse, desire, poor long term planning, and all the bad traits companies rely on to make their sale. But if you've ever made a painful decision to say no to buying something, in exchange for some long term gain, you know what a mature delay in gratification can benefit you. Opting to save for tuition instead of buying designer jeans is a good example So is opting to stick with your crappy-looking buy efficient cellular phone, instead of getting a shiny and sleek iPhone. So is the decision to stop smoking to prevent medical complications from happening to you, and costing you tons of dollars; not to mention preventing you from living a healthy life.

If you've been following the logic of the foregoing, then you already have a clear picture of what it takes to stop smoking. The best way to do it is to fully understand giving it up costs you, what not taking part in that hip and addictive habit will end you up with, and how much discomfort, for a time, quitting would mean, physically, emotionally, mentally.

Will power is the best way. The problem is this method requires your soul to understand, to want to stop smoking altogether. A pregnant mother decides to quit drugs when the medical checkups showed her baby was declining in health while in her womb. A father goes gambling-sobber after his eldest straight-A daughter failed to pay her student loans. A single mom decides to devote more time at home, and leave her night life, when she notices how much her son needs her.

We just need to find a reason. Our will power will provide the strength to get us through our nicotine addiction. It will not be easy. And those who try to quit end up relapsing unless they are convinced, to their bones, that they want to quit. Maybe not for themselves, but for the sake of someone else. A son, a mother, a husband.

Those who go through this, suffer the pains of withdrawal, and emerge addiction-free, report that they feel like having been a different person when they had their addiction. Different from the person that emerged from the addiction. Like it was all a bad dream, or memories of a person just trying to make do with her naive worldview.

The thing about quitting smoking through willpower is that you need no rationalizations. You stop smoking because, insert reason here. And you see that reason as inevitable, as true regardless of anyone else who listens to you. Like a mathematical fact. True, regardless how much you rationalize against it, whine about it.

You will receive all sort of discouragement. Most people have smoking buddies and the media is filled with ads encouraging a life incomplete without a puff. But these will not hamper you if you know in your bones you want to quit because you have to. Not want to. That there are compelling reasons outside one's selfish circle of reasons that demand you to be better than who you are.

So if you want some non-hypocritical reason to stop smoking. There it is. Find a reason. The methods won't matter as much as long as you will is convinced you have to quit. You will emerge a better person for this.


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Jul 6th 2010 at 2:33 PM by philjansen
Thanks for the comment Andy, I use to smoke for 22 years 60 cigarettes a day. My father died of a heart attack when he was only 52 years of age, so I made the right choice and quit 10 years ago! I have a few other related articles that could help you and will post it soon. All the best, you are in my prayers! Glory to God, "who I am makes a difference"
Jul 6th 2010 at 1:08 PM by zeus8894
I have High anxiety and landed in the hospital 4 times trying to go cold turkey. Herbals helped some but nothing ever really seemed to do the trick for me. I am on Chantix and can finally say I am close to success. The tips in this and the related article are sure to help me on my way. Thanks. BTW I am quitting for me, the point congress decided to sin tax smoking all these studies came out. I still don't trust the science especially with the fact they are doing the same to soda and fatty foods right now. The same people who smoke are by large the same who commute to work more then 5 miles a day in a car that produces 5 times the cancer causing agents. They are the factory workers and truck drivers, the millers, and refiners. They have all this exposure that smoke or no smoke our risk are still high. If you quit, do it for you.

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