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Vitiligo Is A Common Skin Diseases At All Races

Sep 8th 2014 at 2:39 AM

This disease affects the pigment cells in the body, and in the bottom of the skin, resulting in the appearance of white spots color dye-free, and are often surrounded by a dark brown color.Places of injury:Vitiligo can affect any part of the body, but there are some places are more prone to infection, such as the face, neck, chest and genitals, as well as the armpits and between the thighs, and vitiligo can affect places infected wounds or burns.The hair also be an exhibition of injury vitiligo and changed its color to white, either on the head or body.The disease Vitiligo often affects individuals who have a genetic history of the disease (i.e., injury of a family member) and infection often begins before the age of twenty.

Vitiligo impact on the health of the affected public:Usually the person with vitiligo healthy and in good health, but in some cases there will be some autoimmune diseases associated with vitiligo such as alopecia, pernicious anemia or thyroid disease, and therefore must be the work of some lab tests to make sure the safety of the patient vitiligo and not suffering with these diseasesWhat are the causes of vitiligo?There are no specific reasons for this disease, but often does a person get vitiligo after suffering a shock certain neurological or after being subjected to an accident or illness or severe burns.There are several theories are likely to be the cause of vitiligo, namely:An imbalance in the function of pigment cells as a result of a defect in the nerves feeding her.Autoimmune reaction leads to identify the body on the pigment cells as foreign cells from the body and destroys them Vial.The destruction of the pigment cells of the same.

The incidence of vitiligo patient discovers himself through color variation between the affected premises and places sound. Nor can the patient or the doctor determine the extent of the injury or the amount of the pigment cells that would be lost during infection.Vitiligo is divided into three main types are:Vitiligo:He shows up and is gradually spreading to affect large areas of the body up to the entire body except for the rows of simple parts retain the original.Vitiligo fixed or stable:He then begins to spread in certain parts and then stop so as not to increase the prevalence of infected areas after stopping.Vitiligo declining:He begins and then spreads down gradually and the dye begins to emerge once more likely in places hit by vitiligo.How to treat vitiligo?Topical means: such as paints or localized injection of the skin.Ultraviolet radiation therapy.Surgical treatment: such as agriculture or pigment cells infected by skin grafting places properly. This method is used in vitiligo fixed and non-responsive to treatment by other methods.Finally, for cases scattered in almost the entire body is removed the remaining color to the whole body becomes free of the dye using a particular compound used under close medical supervision.The use of protective coatings of sunlight in most cases of vitiligo in fear of a sunburn.This is for vitiligoAs for lepers on what I hear and I'm not sure that he looks like vitiligo in form but is contagious and God knows.

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