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Visual Impact Muscle Building Review - visual effects for women

Nov 2nd 2012 at 3:28 AM



Dead lift - the best exercise for the buttocks QUESTION: Basically, I'm in good shape - lots of aerobic exercise. But here's my ass not like. So much work, and the firmness and roundness failed to reach desired. Maybe there's some secret exercise, very efficient will help me? ANSWER: Yes, this exercise is. It's called the dead lift. As a general rule, women rarely do, but can not professionalize fitness without it. Deadweight lovers is fear, say that makes it dangerous. I think not. However, the potential for injury is there. Many of them could not help "round" again. This is a serious violation of technology! In view of the special anatomy of stresses, "out" of the back and legs, and is located in the narrow lumbar spine. As a result, excessive pressure on the ligaments and placed between the discs. Therefore the risk of injury! Speaking of the ligaments of the spine. They are plastic, not flexible, that is, unlike an ordinary rubber stretched ligaments are reluctant to return to its original state. So going back chronic when performing the deadlift and the other has a nasty drawback. visual impact muscle building read


Packages pererastyagivayutsya and can no longer perform its function of mechanical stabilizers. As a result, the vertebrae "beaten". And this is a very dangerous threat of injury - the loss or denial of the spinal disc. What is the conclusion? The first thing you have to master the correct technique of deadweight. And now, about the technique in detail. Hold the grab bar top bar. Your arms should be straight, shoulders straightened, his chest full. Slouch, shoulders can not be reduced! The back is completely straight! Contract your abdominal muscles, take the pelvis backward. From this starting position slowly straightens. In this bar the bar should move as close to the front of the thighs.


First learn to exercise with light weight, well, when everything will be okay, the steps begin to make up the weight. If technology has started to suffer, and after touching a weight. Stop and drop a couple of kilos or so. Again, do the exercise. It should get more stressful condition perfect compliance with all specifications. To become due on the buttocks, you have to learn to feel their work. This will help the next appointment. In the initial position is strongly statically buttocks tighten and relax before the end of the repetition. Moreover before a new strain of repetition. bodybuilding


Look: visual impact muscle building review gluteus develop many of the cardio equipment, for example, a "step by step". However, its efficacy in this regard is low. And all because of an increase in tone of the buttocks, their strengths and improve their form are subject to the general rule for all muscles - the load should increase regularly. Well, in Cardie load simulator is the same - the weight of his body. Here's another deadlift more. It's easy to lift the load. Enough to hang out at the bar a couple of pancakes extra. Here's how: building muscle Visual Impact for Women However, if in the arsenal of other bodybuilding exercises for buttocks, no less effective than the dead weight? Unfortunately, no. The fact that the deadweight has a single anatomical feature. In the initial position (tilt position) extremely stretched buttocks. Well, if the muscle begins to decline from the extended position, the exercise is super-efficient.


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