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Visual Imapct Muscle Building Review - Exercises for The Upper Back

Aug 3rd 2011 at 7:31 PM

In order to develop the muscles of the upper back, back workout should consist of a large number of rowing movements.

All rowing exercises will involve both trapezious latisimuss and back muscles. For a really impressive back, you also need to develop back width and back thickness.

Development requires broad shoulders to make the drop down and pull up motion to extend lat muscle.

Build muscle Exercises - Bent-Over Barbell rows

Bent over barbell row free weight compound exercises muscles. If done correctly, the slope of the bar lines will thicken across the upper back and lats increase. Bent-over barbell rows will also work your lower back and to a lesser degree.

Bent-over barbell rows made by standing with your feet flat on the floor, and from about 8 to 10 inches apart. You must keep the bar with a wide top handle. Bend your knees slightly bend your upper body forward until it is about parallel to the floor.

Be sure to keep your back straight, slightly arched and your head points slightly upward. Let the bar hang at arm's length in front of him. The emphasis on using in the first place back when lifting bar until it touches your upper abdominal muscles. Lower bar slowly and under control back to its original position and then immediately start the next rep.

Like all back exercises and rowing motion, it is important that you make your back muscles doing most of the work, rather than your biceps. I strongly recommend that you use your finger or less "hook" grip, where your fingers grip bar. This will make your biceps do less work and will help you get better compression of the upper back.

In order to fully stress and Latin trapezious muscle, do not bring a bar to his chest as this will attract more biceps.

Build muscle Exercises - Bent-Over Barbell Rows Variations

You can also do barbell rows on the Smith Machine. Performing the same as free weights version, except that you use the smith machine bar. As well as free weights barbell rows, make sure you focus on your back muscles to pull, to minimize the involvement of biceps.

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