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Upper Marlboro Dentist For Children’s Dental Care

Jun 18th 2015 at 5:22 AM

Providing complete oral health care to the child is the primary aim of every parent, for which, it is best to train children from an early age. Strong guidance for children undoubtedly proves a lifelong solution at their young and old age. In this way, you can aid your children to protect their gums & teeth and abate the chances of having cavities. Read the steps given by oral health care specialist that are important to train & keep your children’s oral health maintained:

  • The sticky film forms plaque in teeth, which is considered elementary to tooth decay’s cause. Therefore, advise your children to brush their teeth twice a day using “Fluoride Accepted Toothpaste”, which will insulate them against cavities.
  • A healthy diet enriched with fruits, green vegetables, milk and dry fruits, but not sugary & starchy foods that cause tooth decay by producing acid.
  • Daily flossing plays an integral role to get rid of plaque in between the teeth before it gets hard and turns into tartar. The formation of tartar impacts your oral health and it can then only be cleaned by a professional surgery.
  • Adopt fluoride contained dental products for your daily routine, including toothpaste.
  • Be sure that you are using fluoridated drinking water, otherwise dentist might prescribe you daily fluoride supplements.
  • Regular checkups are imperative, so take child to the best dentist in Upper Marlboro for at least twice a year.

When Should You Make Your Children Start Flossing!

Food particles that regular brushing miss, are removed easily through flossing. Hence, you should begin flossing of your children at the age 4 and they can start doing it on their own when they turn to age 8.

What is Fluoride & How It Strengthens Teeth!

One best way to prevent tooth decay is fluoride, which is a naturally occurring mineral and fuses with your tooth enamel in order to strengthen it. The appropriate fluoride amount must be added in water as it develops tooth properly. If it is not present, then your dentists may recommend mouthwash with fluoride or use some fluoride drops.


Effective Brushing Steps require supervision: Dental Expert Says!

You need to instruct your child with following steps of brushing until he/she gets the hang of it:


  • Take the pea-sized dab of toothpaste enriched with ADA-contained fluoride and inspect that toothpaste is not swallowed by your child.
  • Plaque accumulates the most inside tooth’s surface. Thus, use toothbrush of soft-bristled for gentle back & forth brushing.
  • Chewing area of tooth should also be cleaned while brushing.
  • Gently clean outer surface of teeth and gumline with an angle.
  • Best tips for brushing your teeth must be adopted to clean the area from top to bottom, which falls behind of every tooth.



Dental exams are quintessential for complete oral health of children. Thus, talk with dentist in Upper Marlboro who can provide a complete exam and treatment. You may also go for Upper Marlboro dentist for regular checkups at least one time in every six months.


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Dr. Ashish Rastogi is a professional dentist at UpperMarlboroDentist, who is abreast of all the latest dental technology and techniques. He gives a gentle touch to your smile and makes it spectacular through the best cosmetic dentisry .

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