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Understand what are the causes of appendicitis

Jul 6th 2014 at 11:04 PM

Appendicitis is the inflammation of the appendix , a small pouch attached to the beginning of the large intestine. The causes of appendicitis are connected directly to an obstruction of the appendix - an organ that is part of the digestive system.

The appendix is located between the small and large intestines, and has the function of producing mucus constantly, which is mixed with the feces. It is an organ that is shaped like a finger glove: whenever there is obstruction of the appendix, the organ ignites, causing appendicitis.
The causes of appendicitis can be varied, including an abdominal trauma. Photo: Shutterstock

The causes of appendicitis can be varied, including an abdominal trauma. Photo: Shutterstock
Possible causes of appendicitis

The causes of appendicitis can be varied, including the genetic factor , the pressure of the lymph glands, local trauma, intestinal parasites, gallstones or increased pressure inside the body.

As related to genetic factors, the causes of appendicitis depend a lot on how the body is positioned, or otherwise facilitating the entry of feces .

This varies widely with its opening, which is the same for input and output of waste. The lower the aperture, the greater the chance of it being blocked. Since thepressure of lymph glands occur with the presence of some intestinal infection. 

Strong blows in the belly and car accidents may also are among the possible causes of appendicitis.Because of local trauma caused granddaughters conditions, the breakup of the body or even preventing the perfect blood supply of the same may occur.

On the other hand, if a parasite park at the entrance and exit of appendage, blocking the exit of mucus, this will be one of the possible causes of appendicitis. The same happens if a stone were to move from the gallbladder.

Another form of appendicitis manifest originates from the increase of gas produced by bacteria that normally live there, which causes the increase of internal pressure in the Appendix.
Symptoms and Treatment

The symptoms of appendicitis vary and may be difficult to diagnose the disease in younger children, in the elderly and in women of reproductive age. Usually, the first symptom is pain around the navel , which may be vague at first, but become increasingly acute and severe. The patient may also experience symptoms such as poor appetite, nausea, vomiting and a low fever.

If the appendix ruptures, the pain may disappear for a short time. In these situations, the improvement will be felt suddenly only. However, since the coating of the abdominal cavity becomes inflamed and infected worsening pain and is further individual patient.

If the patient has no complications after the diagnosis made ​​by the doctor, surgery is performed to remove the appendix. As the tests used to diagnose appendicitis are not perfect, sometimes the operation will reveal that your appendix is normal. In this case, the surgeon will remove your appendix and explore the rest of your abdomen to check for other causes of your pain.

If a CT scan shows that you have an abscess from a ruptured appendix, you must treat it the infection, removing your appendix only after the infection and inflammation are resolved.

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