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Treatment of Cataracts - Dr. Samantha Pearson

Jan 14th 2015 at 1:35 AM

Cataract eye - it ophthalmic disease associated with on turbidity of the lens of the eye, which leads to a decrease in visual acuity. The lens, on the nature of transparent, can thicken in any portion. Often cataract develops symmetrically on both eyes, if it’s on the phenomenon is not related to trauma.

Sensitivity to light, double vision, by turbidity in the eyes (the patient seems to be on the eyes for was the film), a decrease of color, on the phenomenon of halos around objects - all symptoms of cataracts. Cataract surgery may be just. Conservative non-surgical treatment of cataract is possible only at an early stage with timely diagnosis, but it does not improve the condition of the patient, and only a few replaced for a progression of the disease.Check Restore My Vision Today Review

Until now, on the etiology of age-related cataract p does not jar on. But the known factors that with on -competitive on impact on its appearance. It is on the investigative, smoking, diabetes, previous surgery on the eyes, an eye injury, prolonged use of corticosteroids, the effects of some types of radiation. Cataracts may be congenital. This form of the disease usually does not progress.

According to Restore My Vision Today program, there are three kinds of cataracts: nuclear - when on turbidity occur in the center of the lens, cortical - changes in the chi on are from the cortex of the lens and to gradually move into its center, and sub capsular- if to take their turbidity on the territory of a small area on the d the lens capsule. A person may on observed and mixed type of cataract.

Although pain and does not cause a person cataract surgery unavoidable on. Cataract surgery takes place in a stationary on RA for lens change for artificial and the patient through a short period of time (usually it is a few weeks) Restore on flows visual acuity.

The most advanced method of treatment is today phacoemulsification - with at GSS, in which the nucleus of the lens is extended and on outwardly through a microscopic incision, and on its place implanted artificial lens. Pain during surgery reduced to almost zero due to modern methods of anesthesia and the incision does not require suturing because of its ultra-small size.

Widespread misconception that for cataract surgery she needs to "mature." In fact, the sooner treatment is carried out, the best results will be achieved.

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