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1 year ago

Top 7 signs of early Pregnancy that every woman should know

Apr 21st 2015 at 12:37 AM

The signs of pregnancy may differ from woman to woman as per research results. It is never easy to differentiate the symptoms of periods and pregnancy. Because the signs of pregnancy and menstrual periods are very similar, a new mom cannot easily understand that she is pregnant or not. Missing of the periods is an important sing of pregnancy.

Here are the lists of symptoms which can help you to detect the signs of early pregnancy.

Signs of Early Pregnancy

Missing or Delayed period

If a woman missing their period or delay in periods, then she needs to test for pregnancy. It is one of the common symptoms of pregnancy in which woman missed period, and the chance of pregnancy is always higher. Sometime, woman may experience normal bleeding in pregnancy for the shorter period of time.

Here are the other causes for the delayed or missing periods such as extreme stress, overweight, hormonal imbalance, illness, fatigue etc.

Swollen or Tender Breasts

Changes in the breasts like swollen or tender are the pregnancy symptoms. But it may possible that this symptom may relate to the menstruation periods. After the 1-2 weeks of conception, women may notice few changes like swollen, sore etc.

Mood swings

Due to the hormonal imbalance, mood swings is very common sign of the pregnancy. But this symptom may vary from woman to woman, and every woman responds differently. Sometimes women experience sad feeling or hopeless, so it is necessary to consult with a professional health adviser.

Frequent urination

Due to the changes of hormones in the pregnancy, blood flow is increased in the kidneys. In which your bladder quickly response and this leads to frequent urination. This symptom is mostly experienced by women after the 5 weeks of pregnancy.


Feeling tired without any hard physical activity is another symptom of early pregnancy. There is no evidence about the relationship between fatigue and pregnancy but still, it is believed that occurred due to rapid growth of hormones.

Nausea and morning sickness

Most of the symptoms of pregnancy and menstrual periods are very similar, but morning sickness is only a single sign which is experienced by women during pregnancy. If you are not experiencing nausea or morning sickness, it doesn’t mean that you are not pregnant.

Body temperature

Regular elevation in the body temperature is also a sign of pregnancy. It is good to test your pregnancy by using a home pregnancy kit.


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