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Tips To Control The Amount Of Eating

Apr 28th 2014 at 11:59 PM

With inflation eating quantities are sometimes difficult to adhere to what we call "volume rendering" manner. The competitions eat, Altoviria meals, and foods that contain the slogan: 30% the size of the largest free, all contribute to our surroundings.

You decided to fight and control it all amounts to eat, excellent! This step effectively art weight management and it will make you feel even more strongly in the choice food industry. Use some of these ways to reach your goal:

Measure: When you are at home out standards of measurement cups and spoons and proceed to measure the amount of food that would be taken up. You will not need to do this step forever, but it's just a good start. Do you really know the form of half a cup of rice only once you put it in the dish?

Try to Thant to measure the quantities of your food for several weeks even mastered the "Save" shape you can use it outside the home.

Use in accordance with the smallest: sometimes our eyes are bigger than our stomachs. In one study, a group of volunteers trying to put careful identical amounts of ice cream in two dishes of different size, but ended up development of a larger amount in the larger dish with a spoon larger.

To overcome this trick you make our eyes on our stomachs perhaps it would be good to shift to the dishes (almost 9 inches in width), cups (preferably long and skinny) smaller. Leave the large size of the soup of the soup dishes based broth (no stones), power and fruits only. Be very small dishes of ice cream, nuts and a creamy soup with textures.

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Tips To Control The Amount Of Eating

Apr 29th 2014 at 12:04 AM

To deal intelligently with restaurants: If you go to dine in the restaurant you will encounter several with respect to the quantity of food. Not only the atmosphere of the restaurant pushes you to eat more food, but even the normal amount provided could suffice two or three people.

Control the amount of food, either one that involved your food, or to ask the waiter to raise half of your meal in a box to take home with you before your meal to submit to you, and so you can eat the second half in the next meal or the next day.

Get rid of the bag: Put your food or light meal in a dish rather than eaten directly from the bag, especially if you are doing something distracting the attention of the spectator to the TV.

Even if you to dealing with "little" it's easy to get out of the track and without notice that you have eaten half the bag or canister.

Divide any food you buy improvised (bags, cereals, nuts, ice cream ... etc.) to bags or small packets as soon as you purchase. This will help you resist the temptation to eat some of the packaging immediately without notice to the amount that I've ever had.

Be vigilant with the group: The surrounding yourself a group of people who tend to eat the ball will make you more likely to eat more of the food you as well.

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Apr 29th 2014 at 12:10 AM

Leave the surplus: store the surplus of food before heading directly to the table to eat your food. Studies have shown that the more food was easy to access it, the more we dealt with him. The lifting of the surplus of lunch or dinner in the fridge or freezer, "before" to sit down to eat is a good way to prevent yourself from eating the dish the second.

Imagine: A comparison of the amount of food that you know things common size is a genius, especially if something were not measurement standards at your fingertips. It is true that there will be the same accuracy measuring cups and spoons, but it at least gives a description of the approximate amount of food you eat. Herein describe a comparative approximation:

1 cup: the size of a fist.

½ cup: the size of a regular light bulb.

2 tbsp: the grain size of a plum.

3 ounces meat or chicken (100 gm approximately): A paper on playing cards.

Half ounces of cheese: 3 of the dice.

Mastered the concept of "dish": This method for measuring the optical quantities of food is an excellent way to ease the punch of protein and carbohydrates, while a dish filled with vegetables:

Fill half your plate (measuring 9-10 inches) of non-starchy vegetables, or power and then dividing the second half to two quarters, put in one protein, and in the second starches or starchy vegetables. This method will help you to control heat and increase your intake of vegetables.

Keep your appointments: eat regularly during the day will help you to balance the amount of food you eat. When you are very hungry time meal will be easy to devour the food and forget about it is the ideal amount. Solved in planning your meals throughout the day including meals (snacks) between meals to control bouts of hunger

After that you will feel happy because you eat a normal amount of food and reasonable and will tend to eat more.

Mitigation to share one: to tell the difference between the terms: the amount of food and the serving size is important. Serving size you find in written educational pamphlets for foods on cans and bags which mean that by mentioning the number of calories, fat, sodium, carbohydrates etc., while the amount of food is what you offer to yourself (or provided by the restaurant for you).

This is a good reason for the interest in measuring the meals that will be addressed by measurement standards in the home even become a professional in providing appropriate share.

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