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Tips of Important foods before exercise

Mar 3rd 2014 at 10:48 PM

The glucose is the fuel that is used by the body during exercise, but the least feasibility in simple sugars is that they despite being raise the level of glucose quickly into the blood, however, this ratio decreases rapidly in contrast, and therefore useless in exercises that take a long time and you need to great effort.
Complex sugars or vehicle containing long chain of sugars, dietary fiber, which is difficult for the body to digest more than simple sugars

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It is found in abundance in bread, pasta, rice, corn, grain, potatoes, sweet potatoes, leads eat carbohydrates vehicle to a moderate rise in blood sugar over a long period of time, which ensures that the body's energy for longer period of time, have been wondering reader, proteins and fats whether it helps in the exercise or not? may answer you on this question, saying that the proteins and fats are very important for the body and, of course, it is necessary to integrate good sources of fat in the program daily diet by eating (avocado, chickpeas and nuts), but should not be dealt with before aerobics or in a short period of time exercise.

Dear reader may wonder what happens if they do not eat before exercise? Or what happens if you ate incorrectly before exercising? May answer you dear reader to your questions, saying that the lack of taking medicine before some healthy foods before your performance exercise we have thus diminish the quality and usefulness of the exercise and increase the risk of vulnerability and injury, so you should be careful on the following: 
1 - You must finish the meal big before exercise three hours.

2 - to be a meal containing starches to provide us with energy, such as baked potatoes or cooked or mashed potatoes or the authorities of all kinds and pasta without oil, and tuna.

3 - Try eating a small meal before exercise Hour consists of carbohydrates also like a slice of bread or apple in order to avoid a sharp drop in energy.

4 - If they exercise in the morning, try eating a cup of water in addition to the morning hot drink.

5 - You should not eat candy before starting exercise. Do you remember why? Because simple carbohydrates quickly raise the level of glucose in the blood, which represents fuel body, is that the focus falls quickly in return. As a result, you feel after the beginning of the exercise shortly that you of energy.

6 - Must be a lot of drinking water before a meal large and before the meal is small so you should drink from the cup to 3 cups of water at a rate of 500 to 600 milliliters to avoid dehydration where we lose between 2 up 4 liters of fluid during a stressful exercise through sweat.

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