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Tips from personal trainer Eduardo Sierra Garcia

May 20th 2014 at 9:50 PM

always surprised when I see people doing stretching before they start running and naturally wonder how many of them will return home injured. Always remember that we are only stretching after the muscles have our trainer. So I beg you to always follow the following sequence: Warm, exercise,

stretching. Never the opposite. That way you minimize the risk of injury and maximize your performance. TIP the 2nd - Lonely Vs Domiciliation run when running with a friend is more fun, it's true. But if our goal is self-improvement,

it is preferable to run with someone who is in the same or in better shape than us to lure each other. Good is, of course, when it comes to run into some organization, n are training at least once a week solo to get used to the feeling. TIP three - Running & body pain There are two different types of pain.

This coming from an injury and the "random". The first always worsens during or after the workout and warns us that we should stop. The second can be caused by various reasons. But usually happens in the first minutes of training and during training gradually subsides. Keep in mind these two types of pain and remember to stop training when it comes to injury. TIP on the 4th -

Running music and music is a great idea to make your workout more fun. However, any "currency" has two sides. From a music motivates us and helps us to catch the target, on the other hand covers something very important. Actual contact with the sense of effort.

The breathing and stride are the two things that we need to be in constant contact. I suggest once a week to train without music and with your attention focused solely on your senses. The goal-oriented exercise is effective mo. TIP on the 5th - Running & Habits To operate efficiently we need habits.

The same applies for running. The more habits connect with our training, the easier it is to follow a program. Which is particularly true for novices. It is extremely useful to create specific exercise routines - time, place etc - which over time reinforce our dedication to exercise. TIP on the 6th - intensity or strength;

no runner has specialization either in intensity or strength. Everything is a matter of conditions and training.

Everyone who is able to walk (note I speak for everyone ...) are able to build a full-body workout with regular exercise. For me things are simple. The choice of short or long distances is a matter of choice,

commonly training. So, make your choice and simply ... Start TIP 8 - Tips for race day If you are going to join the race, a week before must do two things. If race is greater than 10 km exercise should be gentle and at least 48 hours before the match,

to be relaxed your muscles. During these 48 hours eat carbohydrates at least once a day to strengthen the muscles with glycogen. Relax as much as possible the day before the race, early night and in the morning eat a good breakfast rich in carbohydrates at least two hours before the match.

TIP the 9th - equipment equipment running is a personal matter. You can do whatever you want ... The shoes did not fit either discounts or improvisation. Running shoes are like car tires. Has specific requirements to meet specific needs

. Do not ever underestimate the significance. Choose specific brands and seek the expert advice to serve your specific needs. TIP 10 - Running & mind no longer a secret that mind and body are one.

And running is an excellent example. When the body wants to stop but the mind is possible, then you can continue to run. But when the mind decides that "finished" there is no way to keep the body. Therefore we need to use our mind during workouts, focusing our thoughts on breathing, stride, muscles, limiting any negative thinking that limits us and not allow us to admire the effort. And do not forget the mind that decides when the exercise is over, never the body.

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