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Tips and preventive measures to care for the bones and prevent osteoporosis

Dec 17th 2013 at 10:07 PM

bones and preventA few days ago another celebrated World Osteoporosis Day , this disease that affects more and more number of people, especially women after menopause. In addition, health authorities have recalled that between 20 and 25 percent of women who suffer a hip fracture, one of the most common in these patients-die during the first year.

It may be due to the worsening of other diseases or related to hip surgery complications, the fact is that, above all, is essential to prevent this disease characterized by loss of bone density.

To do this, you need to take care of the bones, and from an early age , with a good supply of calcium daily. Since the growth stage, through youth and adulthood, healthy habits should be acquired with a nutritious and balanced diet, which not lack calcium.
The calcium is present in the milk animal derived but is not exclusive, however, also are very good plant sources with easy digestibility of this essential mineral. The daily amount of calcium that the bones need to be strong and healthy is a 1 gram per day (or 800 to 1,200 mg., and may vary depending on certain circumstances).

But just as calcium is essential for bone, is also vitamin D, necessary for absorption . This is actually a hormone produced by the body when exposed to the sun, ie, that to be healthy and produce vitamin D we must ensure few minutes a day of sun exposure.

But also it happens, that after 60 years with the natural deterioration of the body, the ability to synthesize vitamin D from sunlight decreases, so that usually appears a deficit. Also, modern lifestyle, with few hours in the sun and many in enclosed places, makes the problem is greater, and at all stages of life.

Today, are fortified with vitamin D products , so it may be wise to take them into account: milk, vegetables, milk, flour, cookies, etc..

Well, in conclusion, let's review some of the basic preventive measures to care-bones and prevent or delay as much as possible-osteoporosis:

* Ensure the necessary dose of calcium through a healthy, balanced diet with natural products rich in calcium.

* Practice exercise actively and regularly to achieve maximum bone density and, thus, protect bones.
* Do not smoke or drink alcohol in excess , as it is toxic to the bone.
* Be aware at every stage of life and instill habits in children, about the importance of protecting the bones.
* If necessary, consume calcium enriched or use food supplements Vitamin D , you can always consult the doctor.

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