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Tinnitus treatment

Jul 12th 2012 at 4:01 AM

For all of us it is already clear that they are exactly the tinnitus, but then I'm going to make a small review remember well that it is tinnitus: whistles, noise and ringing in the ears, these sounds do not occur on the outside of the ear, they are internal sensations of the ear and they can become so annoying that the quality of life you may affect significantlyFortunately we have treatment perfect tinnitus that will help eliminate those annoying sounds.


We must bear in mind that tinnitus tinnitus miracle review can mask other sounds such as music at a low volume, watches or other noises, this condition is more noticeable when we go to bed at night, since the surroundings are quieter. Any sound in the room, like a humidifier, a machine that produces uniform or white noise, or a dishwasher can help mask the tinnitus and make it less irritating.


In the treatment tinnitus that we recommend are the following:


Amplification: The use of hearing aids can reduce or eliminate some types of tinnitus. If you show your tinnitus and hearing loss or tinnitus is in the speech frequencies, this procedure will be the most appropriate. The prosthesis will amplified external noise and tinnitus masked.


Masking: These appliances also called noise generators come are used for a very long time ago. They are externally similar to the hearing and issued a specific noise. For some of us this external noise is more pleasant to listen to the sound of tinnitus. Sometimes, an effective masking can be achieved with night masking, tapes or special CDs and even without broadcast radio signal.


Bio-feedback: Is a method of relaxation that has had much success with headaches and migraines, is the process of awareness of the various physiological functions of the use of instruments that provide information about the activity of these same systems, with the aim of being able to manipulate at will. For us it is very effective to teach you that faced with stress. Found how stress considerably worsens perception of tinnitus. Teach how to control stress can be useful in some cases.


Drugs: Several drugs have been studied to eliminate tinnitus. The effectiveness of these drugs has been very low, only helped a small group of patients. The most effective has been the lidocaine, however, must be administered intravenously, its effects are not permanent, and has several unwanted side effects.


Auditory habituation: Is a new technique that treats of retraining the auditory system to teach the patient to pay attention to other elements of his sound world. Some machines similar to the masking combined with exercises that both favor the habituation to the perception of tinnitus or tinnitus such as the reduction of the stress that the presence of this may have generated are used.
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