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Thyroid Problems, Do Know Their Differences?

Nov 26th 2014 at 3:07 AM

Everyone or almost everyone we know someone who, at one time, without eating anything has gained considerably or, conversely, very eating has lost weight. They say that they suffer from a disorder of the thyroid, Hypo or hyperthyroidism. But you know what really are and what their differences are.


The first step is to know what we are talking about. The thyroid gland is a structure located in the anterior part of the neck, just in front of the cartilages of the larynx. Shaped wings of butterfly, weighs about 25 grams and its main function is the produce hormones, mainly thyroxin, which intervenes in a way very active in the metabolism of the tissues. The secretion of thyroxin is regulated from the pituitary gland and its action influenced decisively in child age on organic growth and intellectual development. It also participates in the regulation of functions as transcendent as the heart rate, gain or weight loss, maintenance of body temperature and the rhythm of sleep.

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In female physiology, the thyroid gland has a striking role. His Hyper function or poor function produces alterations and symptoms that affect normal metabolism, do increase or decrease the weight, cause cardio-circulatory disorders, and acts on the nervous system, central and peripheral, giving rise to situations of abatement or nervousness. At certain times or life situations of women, such as puberty, pregnancy and menopause, the normal function of the thyroid gland can be altered, resulting in very striking symptoms and leads to unrest.


When the thyroid gland works poorly, it produces little thyroxin and leads to cases of hypothyroidism. Thyroid hypo function manifests itself in the adult by a slowdown of the physical and mental activity. Implementation tends to be slow and progressive, with fatigue, intolerance to cold, apathy, drowsiness and weight gain. When it evolves for a long time results in a clinical picture known in medicine as 'myxedema' characterized by skin very dry, brittle, and sparse hair generalized edema (eyes, hands and feet), cramps, and muscle stiffness. When hypothyroidism appears in infant or from birth leads to serious physical and mental alterations when it appears in the elderly it may appear rapidly aging or depression.


On the contrary, hyper function of thyroid gland leads to hyperthyroidism. The excess of circulating thyroxin produces nervousness, increased physical activity, insomnia, palpitations, tachycardia, flushing, increased sweating, muscle weakness, fine tremor, dizziness, and emotional instability. This is often accompanied by diarrhea, weight loss, increasing the size of the thyroid gland and bulging eyes with surprised look. Many healthy people, with a normal thyroid, have metabolic tendency to which your gland functioning in excess or do it with defect.

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The treatment of hypothyroidism is based on the administration of thyroxin, a hormone produced by the thyroid gland. This therapy is called 'replacement' and, in the majority of cases, should be administered for a lifetime. The ideal dose is obtained by probing and periodic observation. Once established, the patient does not have any signs of disease and may be a completely normal life. There are two different patterns for the treatment of hyperthyroidism. In both cases, they tend to limit the amount of thyroid gland can produce. The first is the use of ant thyroid medication, which exerts a chemical blockade in the hormonal synthesis. The second possibility is the surgical removal of thyroid tissue, thereby limiting the production of hormone.

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