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This diet can pose!

Feb 6th 2014 at 10:45 PM

Usually , when people hear the word , lose weight or gain weight he remembers . Not keeping to a diet to lose weight or gain weight does not mean . Diet - proper nutrition regime. You do not need to diet to lose weight . Just proper nutrition , enough is enough ! 1 cup of cold water to drink each day, before a meal . Eat a lot of pepper during cooking .

Pepper Melt fat 25% . Not eat in the dark ! Disappear after eating chocolate , tea , soda water to drink. After dinner, eat a lemon . No meat , vegetables , opt ! 100 %! to avoid fatty foods , mainly meat, milk , cheese , butter , eggs , rice and so on. Keep foods such as diet , use less salt xorəkdə , switch to grapes , oranges , lemons , peaches , strawberries and watermelon eating can give good results . Breakfast instead of orange , lemon and apple can be satisfied with .

This Program a Kyle Leon Scam
Against obesity lettuce , turnips and other vegetables , sour apple, quince, sour pomegranates , lemons , oranges and more used. First day : Any prepared salad with half a kilogram of vegetables , one tablespoon of vegetable oil added , Yemini day : boiled beef day: vegetable salad and lean day : cottage cheese . V-Day : Fruit or vegetable salad , Day : Fruit ( bananas , pears , and other dates ) . Seventh day : one kilogram of wheat baked fish and vegetables in the same amount of: Reduce intake of tea or coffee during the diet . But you have to drink 8 glasses of water throughout the day to help and improve the effectiveness of the diet .

Should not eat after 6 pm . This diet can pose . 1:2 ratio of boiled water mixed with natural fruit juice , you can drink . During the diet you need to get away from the stress . Further increases the motivation to lose weight in a good mood. Statistics : During sex, a woman jogging for half an hour at 200-600 calories ( 372 calories ) , a 40-minute bike ride ( 380 calories ) or 1.5 hours of shopping ( 370 calories ) has searched the internet for four hours texting 374.4 calories , 359 calories 7 hours to watch TV in the form of a group of women at the same pace in the fitness sports clubs , sport for over an hour, your body shape and health damage. Every woman is different , because the pace of the action .

This type of lifting the vessel, causing the sport of women's feet . Gaps between the layers of fat into the blood vessels are stretched . It also appears cellulite that shoe forms with the same problem . Before you try to learn your body type in order to properly engage in fitness. Body shape - pear in the upper part of your body lean, slim waist , small shoulders , arms thin, fleshy lower extremities , pelvis, large, fatty? The last time the school sport , physical education lessons did you deal ? Fitness large steps, then you can start with walking and light jogging . Pull the swimming muscles of your body, move to the lower circles , belly.

will give the same effect . But for a long time to be doing swimming shoulders. Body shape - apple, wide shoulders , root, fatty , but feet , start to play sports . Santali half-liter water bottle at home is to replace it with . Improve the shape of breasts, arms to move the sign. Can melt , run or bike ride .

Lying on one's back , legs in the air while cycling can be put . Swimming in the waist and abdomen will help to melt fats .

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