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Things One Should Know About Teeth Whitening Strips And Melatonin Tablets

Nov 23rd 2015 at 11:18 PM

If you are looking for teeth whitening products you will find a wide variety of them like teeth whitening strips, gels, rinses etc. easily available in the market. They are easily available over the counter or you can also procure them from your dentist. Provided that your teeth are healthy and unrestored, you can use any of the above mentioned methods for whitening your teeth. The yellow tone that is normally found in human teeth is found to respond well to these teeth whitening solutions but you must also keep in mind that you should use these cosmetic products only after being recommended by a professional dentist.

A high number of people regularly use teeth whitening strips which are extremely thin and almost invisible strips coated with peroxide gels and according to dentists these are good choice for most individuals. Dentists normally prescribe these things to be used twice daily for duration of 30 minutes each and you can expect appreciable results within 14 days after you start using these products. Initial results normally show up within a few days and the final results last around 4 months if properly maintained and also depending upon the food and drinking habit of the concerned person. What makes teeth whitening solutions like strips, gels all the more popular is the fact that they have little side effects except some mild irritation in the soft tissues in some cases. Temporary sensitivity in teeth is also found to occur in some cases but all these side effects go away as soon as one stops using the products.

On the other hand melatonin tablets are normally used for adjusting the internal clock of human body like for curing jet lag, for adjusting the sleep-wake pattern in people who work in different shifts and even for helping blinds for establishing a day night cycle. Just like the teeth whitening solutions, Melatonin in UK is also available over the counter but before you start consuming this hormone externally, there is a very serious question that you need to find answer to first and that is whether it is completely safe for your body or not. As a matter of fact it is considered as safe in most cases if used in low doses for both short and long term use. It should be never used by pregnant women or children without consulting a physician first. It is a fact that melatonin tablets come with some common side effects but those tend to go away as soon as one stops consuming the hormonal supplement. Sleepiness, lower body temperature, vivid dreams while sleeping, morning grogginess or changes in blood pressure levels are only some of the common side effects but there is little to worry about those and if advised by a doctor these tablets are proven safe and efficient in serving their purpose.

A wide variety of teeth whitening strips and other teeth whitening solutions as well as melatonin are now being sold by a number of websites and you can place your order anytime you want to. If you want to know more about these products and how to order them, please visit

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