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Eye Care
Murdocheye | murdocheye

These daily habits could cause severe damage to your eyes

Jun 21st 2015 at 10:32 PM

Most of your life’s habits have probably become so routine that you don’t take time to think about how they affect your health. Your eyes, which are some of the most important organs in your body, are in danger of degeneration as a result of your daily habits. For instance, you have probably never thought that keeping your eyes glued to your phone screen for hours could have detrimental effects on your eyes in the long term. Studieshave shown that just as prolonged use of a computer can damage your eyes, so too can prolonged use of a smartphone. To prevent straining, itchiness, dry eyes, teary eyes and blurred vision, take a break from your phone a couple of times every hour. You should also adjust your phone settings so that the font of your phone is large enough.

Improper use of contact lenses, such as sleeping in them, could also damage your eyes. Some of the problems that can result from misusing contact lenses include dryness, itching and infections, and permanent eye damage. If you use the computer screen a lot, you should alternate wearing contact lenses with wearing prescription glasses, as this will help to relax your eyes. Most people who use computers develop the habit of rubbing their eyes often. While rubbing is bad for your eyes, it’s even more dangerous if you rub your eyes with contacts in them.

Another habit that causes damage to many people’s eyes is overusing eye drops. After burning the midnight oil on a work project, you probably find it necessary to use eye drops to hide the fact that you have been up all night. Doing so frequently however could cause irritation and other complications. You will also not be addressing your lack of sleep, which is the underlying cause of your eye redness. Other uses of eye drops could be for treating dryness, such as occurs in older patients after cataract surgery. In such cases, it’s important to adhere to the doctor’s instructions regarding the use of your prescribed eye drops, as failure to do so could prolong your healing process unnecessarily.

Using makeup is part of most women’s daily routine. Yet what most women don’t know is that any makeup that is used around the eye could cause blockage to glands on the eye lids and expose the eyes to infections. If you have to use make up around your eyes, use water-soluble make up. You should also allow your eyes to breathe on some days by going make up free. As well, you should replace your eye make up every three months or less to prevent chances of contracting a bacterial infection.If you have very sensitive skin, you can contact your eye doctor at Murdochin WesternAustralia for advice on safe use of eye make-up to avoid causing irreversible damage to your eyes.

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