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Fitness and muscles bulding
Nnacy Jock | aboutgeneralhealth

Therapy improves muscle injury regeneration and prevents disuse atrophy

Mar 21st 2014 at 4:27 AM

Mice with aging, the team has shown that losartan Johns Hopkins research, and commonly used blood pressure drug, not only improves regeneration of muscle injuries, but also protects it from wasting away from inactivity.
Report on the role of the old-new drug, which prompted preparations for a clinical trial of losartan in the elderly, and appears on the Internet May 11 in the journal Science Scientific in Translational Medicine.
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"The goal of the investigation is to find a way to prevent a bad situation from getting worse in the case of muscle old infected or not use them," says Ronald Cohen, Ph.D., assistant professor of pediatrics and neurology in the McKusick - Nathans Institute of Genetic Medicine, Johns Hopkins University School of Medicine . "We were happy as we were to see that losartan therapy in mice had a positive effect on muscle regeneration, and surprised most striking fondness prevention of disuse atrophy."

Previous studies have shown by other groups that cause aging in humans Activity protein secreted by cells - called transforming growth factor beta (TGF - b) - to increase, which translates into more TGF - B to be repaired in less muscle. In addition, studies in mouse models of Marfan syndrome and muscular dystrophy - both of which involve disorders of muscle and connective tissue - revealed that losartan promotes regeneration of muscle by blocking the receptor specific protein (type II angiotensin-1) at the end of the day, and tamping down the activity TGF - B.
To investigate the role of losartan in muscle injury regeneration in the context of aging, the Hopkins team worked with 40 mice that had been living in the 21 months, and is considered aging.

After treating half of those animals for a week to water laced with losartan, injected with poison chemicals in the leg muscles of all animals.

The researchers examined the stained muscle tissue under a microscope at four days and again at 19 days, looking for signs of regeneration: small fibers with larger than normal nuclei. After four days, they saw no difference in the number of fiber regeneration between losartan-treated mice and those not treated. However, after 19 days, the losartan-treated mice were about 10 to 15 percent of scar tissue formation compared with 30 to 40 percent of scar tissue formation in those not treated.

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Therapy improves muscle injury regeneration and prevents disuse atrophy

Mar 21st 2014 at 4:29 AM

The researchers conducted disuse experiments to find out if losartan, in addition to improving muscle regeneration, and perhaps a broader clinical applications in the field of protection against atrophy paralysis.
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Again, using the 21-month-old mice treated with losartan half and half do not, this time, the team cut the left rear foot of the mice to their knees, immobilizing the leg muscles only, otherwise the mice were normally active.

After 21 days, the animals and the weight of the leg muscles and compared under a microscope. Lost these animals not treated with losartan 20 percent of their muscle mass and Shin functions. However, the losartan-treated animals, virtually no mass, according to Tyesha Burks, a graduate student in Human Genetics, Johns Hopkins University School of Medicine.

"When we saw it completely prevented the loss of muscle fibers that losartan therapy, it was quite mind-blowing," says Cohen.

Muscles is hibernating species such as mice and humans always shrink from inactivity, whether from illness or injury or a sedentary lifestyle.

Exaggerated especially in response to immobilization with age, says Cohn, who investigated the ongoing investigation of molecular mechanisms for the maintenance and renewal of the muscles in mice and humans and squirrels hibernate.

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