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The Truth About Cellulite

Jul 19th 2012 at 4:38 AM

Almost 90% of women have cellulite in the world today. Until recent decades the percentage was just over 55%. Why has advanced so much? How is it prevented? Is there a cure? What are the most innovative and effective treatments? Here, all the answers.


In the world there are three billion women, and 2700 million of them have cellulite. Due to inactivity and poor diet this time, more and more, and younger-affected women.


Cellulite is a skin alteration that occurs in the vast majority of women at the beginning of their reproductive life. And while it is related to hormonal disorders (increase or decrease of estrogen), eating habits play a role. Just a sedentary lifestyle and unbalanced diet so that the situation could worsen with the onset of localized fat. Furthermore, it should be noted that the female tissues are sensitive to hormonal changes (pregnancy, menopause) and in those moments when the most advanced cellulite.


"Our skin is divided into three layers," explains Dr. Cecilia Orlandi, owner of the clinic that bears his name. "Is the surface layer, called epidermis, the mean, called the dermis, and deeper, called the hypodermis or subcutaneous tissue. In a smooth, flawless skin, adipose tissue is distributed in the deep part of the skin in the form of lobules separated by connective septa perpendicular to the skin. Through these partitions are blood and lymphatic vessels, nerve fibers as well. These lobules contain fat cells or adipocytes, as they grow, they stress the walls. Then the partitions become irregular and that can be seen on the surface of the skin and cellulitis. "


"To make matters worse, as in recent years advanced the onset of childbearing age women also advanced the appearance of cellulite," says Dr. Patricio Figueroa, founder of the World Dermatology Institute, health center specializing in skin problems based in Santiago.


Tell me how you look and I'll tell you how much cellulite


There are different types of cellulite: some look to the naked eye and others appear when one presses on the skin. Dr. Patricia Apt, Las Condes Clinic dermatologist, explains:


Grade 1: does not look or stand or to lie down. Only appears when you press the buttocks, forcing the muscle. The area feels thick, cellulite is colder. This stage is reversible.


Grade 2: go to the stand, but not to lie down. It is the type of cellulitis that has the most women. A grade 1 symptoms of pain on palpation is added to the affected area. Appear stretch marks and varicose veins. This phase can also be reversible.


Grade 3 is when standing and lying down. The fibers of the dermis and hypodermis undergo degeneration of collagen and amorphous blocks are formed which imprison filled adipocytes triglycerides. The skin is cold, and dry holes. There are deep and superficial varicose veins. It is difficult to reverse the problem, but can be improved and in some cases, back to Grade 2.


Grade 4: looks when standing and lying down, with hard nodules more evident than in grade 3. The progressive compression of vessels and nerves produces a nutritional disorder of connective tissue, filling the structure and support that gives consistency and anchoring means to the other organs and tissues. The skin "quilted" looks without pressure. This phase can not be reversed but it can easily attenuate it.


The most effective treatments


Vacuum therapy, mesotherapy, manual lymphatic drainage, mechanical and endermologie treatments are some of the "old" that remain in place to combat cellulite. New appliances-that are already in clinics and beauty of Chile-appeal to the laser, radiofrequency and heat.



Is the application of electromagnetic waves on the body surface. Stimulates collagen fibers, which, stretching, toning produce an effect which is reflected in firm skin without truth about mesotherapy. 12 sessions are recommended, one per week. Reference price of full treatment: $ 170,000.


Triactive or body softlaser

It is a laser machine that activates three mechanisms that work together: a localized cooling system that reduces edema, a mechanical system that performs rhythmic suction massage and laser heads acting through deep stimulation to promote blood and lymphatic microcirculation, which eliminates the nodules. 10 sessions are recommended. Reference price of full treatment: $ 350,000.


Smooth Sailing

It is a single device that combines suction with suction, mechanical rollers (vacuum therapy) and heating by technology ELOS (Electro Optical Synergy), which consists of an infrared light and radio frequency applied directly to the skin. By the heat generated will destroy the fat, which consistently reduces cellulite and improve skin firmness. It is recommended that at least 10 sessions, 2 times a week. Reference price per session: $ 36,900.



Is a non-invasive (no shots) the mesotherapy. A radio frequency device emits low-intensity electromagnetic pulse controlled and adjustable to permeate the cell membrane and allow quick and easy as the introduction of anti-cellulite active ingredients like caffeine or gotu kola, directly to the cell. We recommend 10 to 12 sessions, twice a week. Reference price per session: $ 25,000.


True or false?


Doctors Patricio Figueroa and Cecilia Orlandi dispel the main doubts.


1. Overweight women have more cellulite than thin: False. has nothing to do with fat, but hormones, exercise and physical activity.


2. Liposuction is effective to reduce cellulite: False. Liposuction removes the fat, especially the hips, but not cellulite. and fats are only part of the problem.


3. Coffee increases cellulite: False. but for years was thought to be harmful, recent studies show that caffeine is extremely effective against cellulite. helps remove excess lymphatic fluid in the body and diminishes a little fat.


4. Smoking favors the appearance of cellulite: True. Among many other harmful effects, smoking triggers alterations in the microcirculation, ie, reduces the amount of blood reaching the periphery of the body and prevents tissue oxygenation, and increases the production of free radicals. All this favors the development of cellulite.


5. Carbonated drinks are bad: False. sugary drinks make you fat, but gas is not related in any way with cellulite.


6. The manual massages preventing and combating cellulite: True. A manual lymphatic drainage massage done by a specialist helps eliminate fluid through the urine and can be more effective than many treatments. Fluid retention favors the appearance of cellulite.


7. Running is excellent for cellulite: False. Collision sports such as jogging, are not the most effective against cellulite. Riding is better for the work of muscle contraction, and then spinning and some pilates exercises.


8. Consuming cocoa helps reduce the orange peel: True. cocoa helps drain the lymphatic fluid. should be eaten fresh, as it comes in dark chocolate, not too much. They do not serve the common chocolates, which are high in sugar and do not use pure cocoa, but substitutes.


9. It's good to eat a balanced diet: True. A cellulite diet should contain antioxidants of fruits and vegetables such as carrots, tomatoes, grapes and raspberries.


10. The more cellulite you have, the harder it is to treat it: False. Interestingly, those with the most notorious problem find it easier to reduce cellulite.


Adolescents with cellulitis


Since this is a disorder of hormonal origin, the appearance of cellulite is directly related to the onset of puberty. Until two decades ago, breasts and pubic hair were developed between 12 and 14. Today, two years before this happens. And the appearance of the orange peel has been advanced to the same extent. In a study conducted in the Rigs hospital in Copenhagen, involving women in Denmark, USA and Chile, among others, was found this new reality. Doctors, so far unknown specific cause of the advancement of puberty, say this may be due to a mixture of environmental, hormonal and dietary habits

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