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The Ten Worst Foods For A Uterine Fibroid

Aug 5th 2015 at 3:35 AM

Uterine fibroids are non-cancerous growths of tumors in the muscle tissue of the uterus. They are not considered life threatening, but can affect women in reproductive age with symptoms such as fatigue, more bleeding, pressure bladder, bloating and reproductive problems. Certain foods and additives may increase the growth of uterine fibroids. Limit these foods not rid your body of the fibroids, but it could decrease the symptoms that you experience. Talk with your doctor about making changes in your diet.


Sugar is the food that most physicians recommend reducing or eliminating if you have fibroids. It is considered a food pro-inflammation, since it causes the immune system to release antibodies and other hormones which stimulate your body to combat diseases and foreign materials. Consumption daily above stimulates the immune system, raising these pro-inflammatory responses, eventually leading to your body to auto - attack. It also promotes higher levels of insulin, which can lead to a decrease in sexual hormone globulin, which helps your body to decrease estrogen excess and off. The estrogen increase feeds the fibroid tumor and can lead to more severe bleeding, pain, fatigue and other symptoms, according to the authors Johanna Skilling and Dr. Amanda Leto in "the first year: fibroids"

Meat And Poultry

Many animals bred for food receive steroids to promote growth of muscle and flesh. These steroids are the metabolites available to human beings who eat the flesh of the animal. According to Skilling and Stringer, in spite of the Food and Drug Administration States declares that levels of steroids used to treat animals produced for food are safe, metabolites or by-products of steroids, can be stored in the body fat of animals. Ingestion can lead to raise the activity of estrogen in your body, causing the fibroids grow. If you have to eat animal products, choose the organically fed without hormones.

Coffee And Tea

Caffeine is not directly related to the growth of uterine fibroid, but can increase the symptoms that you experience. If the fatigue is a major problem because of the bleeding, the consumption of coffee and tea will make it worse, since both decrease the amount of iron that your body can absorb. These two drinks contain tannins, which are polyphenols that bind iron, which reduces the absorption of minerals from the foods you eat. Decaffeinated coffee and tea also contain tannins, along with red wine, and all limit iron absorption.

Milk, Yogurt, And Cheese

Dairy products, such as milk and cheese yogurt, contain arachidonic acid, which is an essential fatty acid made from linoleic and linoleic acids. When the body receives too many products of animal origin with arachidonic acid, your body releases prostaglandins, which are pro-inflamatorios products of the immune system, according to Skilling and Stringer. Another point to consider is the bovine growth hormone, which is used to stimulate the production of cow’s milk after childbirth. It also increases the production of a substance called type - 1 insulin-like growth factor, which stimulates the growth of fibroid, according to Skilling and Stringer.

Canned Foods

Xenoestrogens are chemicals estrogen that occur when canned foods come in contact with the coating based on oil cans. Act as weak estrogen in your body and can increase the circulating levels of estrogen your body produces, according to the doctor and expert in xenoestrogen, Elizabeth Smith, MD these Xenoestrogens block your body to use estrogen and make it available to grow your uterine fibroid.

Rich Processed Foods

Processed foods enriched, like regular pasta, white bread and white rice, contain little fiber. Limit the intake of processed fortified foods in favor of whole-grain breads, brown rice and whole grain pasta can reduce constipation and bloating that you can experiment with uterine fibroids, according to Skilling and Stringer. They also raise insulin levels more quickly than foods with fiber. These high insulin levels increase the availability of estrogens to guide the growth of uterine fibroid.

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