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The Sleep Of A Wise Owl – Through Melatonin Tablets

Aug 20th 2015 at 5:23 AM

With the recent Internet claims doing rounds that the so called “night-owls” of this generation are somehow more productive, a majority of population is bent on scrambling their own biological clocks, voluntarily or otherwise. Though it is true that senior citizens do not sleep as much as children – this is completely a natural lifecycle-related change. Science since the historical years says that homo-sapiens are not nocturnal beings. It is evident that nobody believes that. The pineal gland of your body must be bonkers, producing melatonin during darkness hours to enable you to get a good night’s sleep. Who needs that? You’d rather spend the next day half-asleep, right?

Wake up. You’re not an owl, and humans are not supposed to be sleepless at nights. If for some reasons you’ve been experiencing recurring sleeplessness, it is possible that the night-owl insomnia cult has taken a hold of you. It may be possible that you’re jet-lagged, or simply acquiring insomnia slowly. Efficient brain function depends a lot on giving your brain cells a rest. It is only possible during the night, because that is when your entire body coordinates for each part of it to get rested. During this time, the night-owl cult is up and about, waging wars against the effects of melatonin.

You would not give up your night-owl status even if it was to sacrifice your digestion and induce symptoms of obesity and reduced concentration capability. This article would like to draw your kind attention towards the popular rhyme taught to children since ancient history –“Early to bed, and early to rise, makes a man healthy, wealthy and wise.” Whoever taught you anything about being a night-owl? The only one who benefits from staying up at night is the owl. It is true that lifestyle these days is pretty night-time oriented, but that does not mean that you cannot take a break. To help you get a sound sleep at night, there are melatonin pills available in the market, which shoo away that nocturnal bird of prey that snatches away your dreamy trance. A melatonin pill typically has varying amounts of the hormone present in it, depending on how ferocious a night-owl you’re harbouring. It is advised to consult your physician before actually stepping out for battle. You’ll feel healthier once you’re sleeping early, and waking up early. You’ll notice other beautiful morning song-birds which hopefully will appeal to you better than the night bird you gave up.

Melatonin tablets may induce side-effects like drowsiness during the daytime if dosage is not appropriate. Thus, a physician’s diagnosis is important so that if there are underlying symptoms of a more serious stage of insomnia, it can be pinpointed. These pills are better than the typical sleeping-pills, which tend to invoke apprehension in one’s mind. They don’t have a very good sound to them, now, do they?

All this discussion was basically an attempt to make the readers understand that sleeping is a necessary activity that humans need in order to rejuvenate their minds for another day of hard work. Sound sleep at the right time is precious, so if you happen to have recurring difficulty in sleeping, do look up melatonin tablets at

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