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The Reason For The Failed Pregnancies Become Herpes Infection

Jan 14th 2015 at 5:46 AM

Born in a healthy 28-year-old woman baby died nine days later. Diagnosis - sepsis. Survey heartbroken woman revealed that she had a number of latent infections: herpes, cytomegalovirus, toxoplasmosis, and chlamydia. However, she felt fine until the end of life could be so much about them and do not know if it were not pregnant. The first congress of neonatologists of Ukraine, which was held in Kharkov, was devoted to the so-called infections TORSN complex.

This infection transmitted, that is, from the fetus of a pregnant: T - toxoplasmosis, R - rubella (German measles), C - cytomegalovirus and H - herpes. The letter O is "bouquet" of all other infections: hepatitis C and B, HIV infection, syphilis, chlamydia and others. Visited the Congress Igor Markov said "facts" that are increasingly hidden infections in mothers identified after the sudden death of the newborn. - Maybe, just before these infections were not detected? - No, I think that they just became more. This is probably due to our unhealthy environment, with exposure to low doses of radiation on the body. While scientists remains a mystery why healthy women with attenuated immunity may develop such infections.

The usual list of tests that offer to make pregnant antenatal, narrow: bacteriological swabs, test for syphilis, AIDS, hepatitis B. It turns out that the infection that undermine the immune system of the fetus, is not so easy to find. I can give you an example. Our clinics came a woman of 35 years, was eager to have children. However, all eight (!) Of her pregnancies end in miscarriage. Twice the doctor sutured her uterus shed, believing that miscarriage is due to physiological characteristics. However, the embryos died inexorably - between the ages of 8 to 26 weeks. Only an in-depth analysis showed "blooming" cytomegalovirus infection. She could not give birth - nature does not preserve what is unviable. - She helped? - Sorry to hear about the result of the analysis, it is no longer applied to the experts. - Is it possible at all to help these women? - Take care of their health need before pregnancy. Make analysis and found to be infected, hold immunotherapy. During pregnancy, especially in the later stages, treatment Herpes Miracle is extremely difficult. If the infection is "pounced" on the fetus, it will probably be with congenital malformations.

To eliminate the possibility of such defects do ultrasound - control and weight, and brain, and fetal heart. In severe cases, the mother may be advised to have an abortion. But not everyone can see. For example, fetal blindness, which is the result of undiagnosed toxoplasmosis on the machine will not see. - And the kids are born blind? - Yes. If infection is intrauterine viral infection is that kids are starting to go blind in four to five years. Parents are torn by oculists, and well, if a qualified physician guess time to send it for review to the immunologist!

Now we have two of these young patients. By the way, our very first patient was a 70-year-old woman with trachoma (an infectious disease caused by chlamydia). A man in such cases gradually fades from the fact that the worlds adheres to the eyeball, eyelashes begin to grow inside the eye, dry eye slit. Despite his age and neglected diseases, total blindness was averted. Now my grandmother a little sees itself can serve.

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