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The Problem of Insomnia Can Be Easily Solved by Lunesta Sleeping pills

Sep 21st 2015 at 3:10 AM

Insomnia was a word I was totally oblivious of, until I got in a relationship. Insecurity, expectations and disappointments crept in my life that affected my sleeping habit too. I talked to him every day through phone calls and we met too. However, I had the constant fear of losing him. Dark circles, stressful mornings and sleepless nights had become a routine. To get rid of sleep deprivation, I started taking Lunesta on a friend’s recommendation. 2 mg Lunesta was the dosage I took, dosages are available in the concentrations of 1 mg for elderly patients, 2 mg for inducing sleep and 3 mg for maintaining a peaceful sleep throughout the night. It is pharmacologically referred to as Eszopiclone. It is a Isomer of cyclopyrrolone that belongs to the family of non benzodiazepines. It is a newer sedative medicine.

These are quite effective in inducing an undisturbed sleep once you take it before bedtime. You can easily sleep for around seven to eight hours without any nocturnal arousals. Eszopiclone does not have side effects like dependence and tolerance. In some cases, it can lead to metallic after taste. Day time hangover is minimal in patients taking this pill. Sleep latency is considerably reduced through Eszopiclone sleeping pills. This pill is available at cheap price from online pharmacy stores. Anyone who has trouble in getting sleep can buy Lunesta without prescription. It can be taken on an “as-needed” basis. The bio availability of this pill is also quite good. It does not have too many adverse effects on cognitive function and memory. It does not lead to sleepiness during daytime. It gives you natural sleep that has normal architecture. Hence, you wake up feeling zestful and charged up.

It has a mild relaxant effect on muscles too apart from its sedative action. Hence, it can be used as a mild painkiller too. Patients using this pill can establish healthy sleeping habits that go a long way in maintaining the body health. Sleep is a natural healer that restores the normal working of mind and body. To make sure that the coordination between the brain centers is not hampered, sleep is absolutely important. Development and memory are also enhanced by sleeping well.

If you keep in mind some precautions while using this pill, it can give you great results. First and foremost, do not drive or work on heavy vehicles as long as you are on sleeping pills. Secondly, do not withdraw the medicines abruptly without tapering the dosage slowly. Doing so can lead to withdrawal symptoms. Lunesta can be taken in association with yoga therapy and meditation. If you have to wake up in the middle of the night because of nocturia, refrain from taking any fluids in the evening. Take this medicine with a glass of milk, to have a refreshing sleep.

Eszopiclone helped me in getting rid of my sleeplessness and feeling better both physically as well as mentally. If you have trouble in falling asleep, nothing can be better than Lunesta once every night.

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